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 Execution. but not how expected.

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PostSubject: Execution. but not how expected.   Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:33 pm

laken nichols

Laken was sitting in a small room. it was somewhat well lavished. a peacekeeper was standing there with the needle that will end his life. he thought it was funny on how they were putting him out. especially for him approaching and speaking out of turn to the head peackeeper. the leader of the dspd (distict six peace department). the leader, stepped in. "what kind of man talks to the dspd out of turn?... No man" He sighed and took the lethal syringe from the man he took its lid off "a sad little rat. is that what you want to be remembered by. you still have a chance to apologize laken." the man had leaned down and got the needle in his arm. laken made an expression like he was about to cry. But then his face turned into an evil expression of rage and malice. he rapidly started ringing a service bell on his wheelchair. ding ding ding ding ding at the last second the head peacekeeper realized something was wrong. he stood up screaming. but it was to late. the pipe bomb on lakens wheelchair was set off and the door flew off and the room was destroyed. people tried to rush over. and they saw the leader step out. they looked at the other side of his face though... and it was completely blown off exposing skull and brain. he straightened his tie then fell to the floor. laken was dead, and so was the head peacekeeper.

OOC: <----------this is the inspiration for the death. imagine the african american man as the peackeeper, and the old man as laken
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Execution. but not how expected.
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