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The Hunger Games

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Stylist Application! (PLEASE READ IT ALL! VERY IMPORTANT!) Left_bar_bleue150/150Stylist Application! (PLEASE READ IT ALL! VERY IMPORTANT!) Empty_bar_bleue  (150/150)
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Stylist Application! (PLEASE READ IT ALL! VERY IMPORTANT!) Empty
PostSubject: Stylist Application! (PLEASE READ IT ALL! VERY IMPORTANT!)   Stylist Application! (PLEASE READ IT ALL! VERY IMPORTANT!) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 13, 2012 2:25 am

Stylist Application

Alright, so we have had a suggestion to make a stylist group where members could apply for the spot and just anyone in general so we have came up with an application. Rain(Bluebell) and I have come up with a system for how it will work and how you guys will be marked. Each section on the application except the "Username" section and the "Stylist district" will be counted for points. There's a total of 70 points that could be given overall and you need to get at least half of that to make it onto the team. So fill out the application to the best of your abilities, the staff members who try out for a spot, will have theirs graded out of 60 but that means that they still have to get half of 60 to get the spot anyway. They can't judge their own sheet that's why.

So once you have filled out the application, PM it to a staff member and we will all mark it and once all the staff has done so we will add it up and TRIPLE check our answer, once it has been confirmed we will put you in the either "Not Ready To Be Stylist" List or the "Ready To Be Stylist List" Well will let this run for a week and if applications aren't sent in by the end of August 19th you will have missed your spot to be a Stylist! Now keep in mind, the district you apply for doesn't mean you will get that district, so be able to flex to any district if you sign up. Someone who scores more points than you with the same district they have in mind, the person with higher points will get it. Sound fair? I hope it does. We will not tell you where the marks will be given in the sheet besides what sections don't count for marks. So try and be creative and have fun!


[b]Stylist's District:[/b]

[b]Style Examples:[/b]

[spoiler=Example One]

[spoiler=Example Two]

[spoiler=Example Three]

[b]Example Post:[/b]

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