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 Leon's chars

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PostSubject: Leon's chars   Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:54 pm

Name: Leon SilverSeas
Age/Birthday: 14
Gender: male
District: 4
Family: He has a mother named Nia silverseas and his father's name is Tarn silverseas. He has no siblings.
Brief History: Leon is a young boy who was born in the fishing district of 4, with a fisherman dad and a mom that was sick most of the time. He had a bit of a hard life but who didn't in the districts? He quickly learned to fish at a young age and helped his dad a lot with catching large fish. He became handy with a spear and was able to hold his breath for almost 15 minutes while spear-fishing. He stayed away from peacekeepers but had been beaten a few times for small things. He mostly didn't have any friends but there was one girl who was nice to him for a while but she got picked for the reaping and killed in the arena. On one of the following reapings his name was drawn...(for future rps)
Physical Appearance: Leon is about 5 foot tall with silvery blond hair that is kinda shaggy and messy and it always has small flakes from the sea salt that piles up when he is along the coast. He has sea green eyes and a few freckles across his face. He is kinda muscular but still very small build for speed. Though he is not very big he might be somebody other tributes might have to worry about.

Personality: Leon is a bit jittery but he is also a fun loving person who wouldn't hesitate to help somebody in need. a lot of times you will see him with a smile but when the time comes to get serios he can take charge and face most challenges. He is friendly to people who are nice to him but if you make him angry things might get bad. He could go from your best friend to the person about to plung a spear into your chest in an instant.

Flaw: People hurt or people weaker than him, he cant resist helping people who are in trouble
Pets: He has a small lizard named Stub because he found him with no tail
Rich or Poor?: Middle, not good but not bad
Weapon of Choice: Spear or dagger
Talents: Holding breath, speed, foraging
Preferred Angles : He tried to be both innocent and kinda charming

Angles this tribute will not do: excited to kill, sexy, mean
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PostSubject: Re: Leon's chars   Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:27 am

Leon is Accepted! Just accepted my first character.
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Leon's chars
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