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The Hunger Games

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 Moving to District One

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PostSubject: Moving to District One   Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:23 pm

Katriel was home, playing around with her mom's old guitar, when her step-dad walked in. "Well, I can't just pack up and abandon my home for you! I have a life here, and adopted daughter, everything! District One will never be home!" he screamed. Katriel was mildly surprised. She had never seen him get angry. And, like, what is he talking about? Katriel wondered. What's this about District 1? Are we, like, moving? That would be AMAZING. I mean, I, like, love District One! "Eeeeeeeeeh!" she squealed happily as her mother came into view. "You know what? I'm sorry, Chain, but this is an amazing oppurtunity for me and for my daughters! A job in District 1? A home in District 1? A LIFE in District 1? Why in Panem would I turn that down? Besides, Kat doesn't fit in here! You might not have noticed, but she's not exactly a model citizen here. District One will be perfect for her, and for her sisters! I'm sorry if you can't see that or won't come with me, but we're moving! Goodbye! Kitty-Kat, grab your things, we were supposed to leave in a month, but if you're okay with it, we are leaving NOW." Katriel grinned. "Omigawsh, this is, like, amazing! I will tots pack up ASAP." She ran into her bedroom, grabbed a large bag off of the wall, and threw all of her makeup in it, then her clothes, then packed another bag of the stuff she knew she actually needed, and finally everything she needed to take care of Suri, her pet Fennec Fox that she had gotten for her birthday last year. "Suri! Come here, honey! We get to go to District One! Yay!" Suri dashed out from under Kat's bed and leapt into her arms, snuggling against her face. Katriel stroked her pet, then grabbed her bags and followed her mother out of the door, her little sisters travelling close behind.

Thus marks the end of Katriel Grey as of now.
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Moving to District One
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