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The Hunger Games

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 Doing Some Damage

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PostSubject: Doing Some Damage   Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:25 am

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Heather was bored. Usually, this ended up in her ruining someone's life, and she was determined that today
would be no exception. "Mom? Do you want me to make dinner?" she called, staring at the
lavishly decorated hall in front of her. Her mother nodded as she walked by, mumbling something appreciative. Heather
smiled sweetly and headed to the kitchen, pushing her hair out of her face. She turned on the gas fire, as the family was
rich enough to afford one, grabbed a stick, and let it catch on fire. Grinning, Heather fetched a small bucket, filled it with
sticks, dry brush, and other kindling, and dropped in the burning twig. The blaze spread immediately, casting an orange
glow in the bucket as the fire bloomed. Heather smiled and walked outside with her little bucket of flames. She took a
stick from inside, ignoring the pain in her now-burnt fingers, and calmly placed it on someone's doorstep, making sure to
keep out of sight. She continued this for a while, spreading a line of fire outside the house. Nothing was catching yet, but
she guessed at least one of the embers would by the time she ran out of fire. Suddenly, she saw a shadow behind the
house. Heather cursed and dropped the bucket, putting on her best scared face. She made a decision as to what angle
to play and dropped onto the floor, clawing with her own nails at her arms and punching herself repeatedly in the legs
until she was bruised. This is going to fun to explain to my family, Heather thought. She wasn't being sarcastic. Oh, and
I should pick something up to eat. I'll just say we needed some ingredient or another and buy some soup, then say I
made it but when I went out to get the ingredient, I got mugged, hence me missing more money than whatever the
ingredient cost because of the soup.
Then, satisfied with her rationalization, she shuffled backwards, upsetting the
leaves, and screamed- not too loudly, but audible from the range of the figure she had seen. With any luck, she could
plead innocent and say she had been attacked. her self-inflicted injuries helped her burned fingers be an asset to her
case instead of proof that she was lying, as well. In her mind, Heather grinned, but she kept her facial expression in a
believable disoriented, terrified expression.

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Doing Some Damage
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