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 Tributes and Trains!

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PostSubject: Tributes and Trains!   Tributes and Trains! Icon_minitimeThu Sep 06, 2012 4:36 pm

Final Tribute list Done/ Trains Open!

Hello Everyone! The Tribute list has been Finalized! Here are our Competitors!

District 1
NPC Andromeda Lazuli
NPC Seamus Gemming

District 2
Lenina Cross - Ari
Rafe Terrn - Gazimu

District 3
NPC Jennifer Fletcher
Luke Stevenson - JJboy

District 4
Nefara Rin - Nefara Rin
NPC Ace Petyrson

District 5
Marcelina Kovac - Wyoming
Henry Gale - Jeromeof6

District 6
Ariana Fox - Balisugar
Hudson Fox - Lobsta

District 7
Heather Mace - Bluebell
Dax Chang - Mark

District 8
NPC Darryl Weston
Rosalee Turbine - Moon

District 9
Azalea Markett - Pip
Attlas Fitch - Fiav

District 10
NPC Laurie Harding
Aaron Equine - Lupa

District 11
NPC Mallory Whippet
Viktor Williams - Yeomen

District 12
NPC Trenna Mist
NPC Lance O'Malley

This gives us a total of 15 Real Tributes in the Games! Equal to our numbers last Games. As of Now, the Trains are open and ready to take the Tributes to the Capitol with their Mentors.

The Staff

Tributes and Trains! Gavin-free-knocking-games-off-shelf-o
Joshua Shramp, 19, District 4
Christopher Terrn, 6, District 2

Jacob Barker, 24, District 7, 26th Games
Rafe Terrn, 25, District 2, 29th Games
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Tributes and Trains!
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