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 Putting out the fire with gasoline

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PostSubject: Putting out the fire with gasoline   Putting out the fire with gasoline Icon_minitimeThu Sep 13, 2012 1:53 pm

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Putting out the fire with gasoline Leninanamebanner
---District 2---Female---18---

Lenina moved on from her weapon practice and decided to move on to some survival skills. Her father had taught her how to start a fire with flint but never without it and it had been awhile since she practiced to do so. It seemed like Rafe wasn't interested in learning these things, and that meant that Len was going to be the one to do so for the alliance. Great, Rafe gets to sit around while I do all the work. Oh well, it makes me more valuable than anyone else in the alliance. She took great pleasure in knowing that secured her spot as one of the most valuable members in the careers, just the way she likes it. She reached the station and took the flint and with a few pieces of wood and a few leaves to use as kindling she was able to start a small flame that grew to a fire after a few moments of 'persuasion' from the wind that was her breathe. Starting it with flint was a breeze, you just needed to hit it right and fast enough to create that spark. "What about without flint?" Lenina looked to the female trainer in front of her awaiting an answer.

Lenina listened as the instructor gave her directions on how to start without flint. She gave her two rocks and after a few minutes of hitting the two together she was able to make a spark that cause a small flame to grow. Easy enough, more time consuming but possible. She had been lost in her own thoughts as the instructor spoke on and on about the different ways one could start fires and how it was necessary to put out fires if faced with a heavily wooded arena. It was like Lenina had realized something though as she sat in silence, What am I doing? These are all things that would be useful if I had no supplies? I am a career, if course I will have supplies. Matches, sleeping bags all of these things will be at my disposal. Lenina stood up, not continuing anymore. She learned what to do if she didn't have matches or flint and that was enough for her. "Thank you," she said icily before moving on to her next station.

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Putting out the fire with gasoline
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