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The Hunger Games

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 silky fabric and colorful threads

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PostSubject: silky fabric and colorful threads   silky fabric and colorful threads Icon_minitimeSun Sep 23, 2012 2:30 am

Fern wiped the sweat off her forehead and stepped off the amchine for a nreak. It was hard enoughthat she had to work right after school to late night, but she even had a younger sister-Blossom- to care for. Without a mother or siblings. Well- she used to have one-but he had died in the games so long ago. Fern had even forgotten about how he looked. All She had was her locket, with the pictures of him and her mum inside. She glanced at the clock. Ten minutes. Ten minutes of freedom. She sjould have beem running to chexk on Blossom, but she stood, leaning on the walls qioetly and stared at her hands. They had been soft and pretty- but now it was cracked and dry. She sighed quietly.
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silky fabric and colorful threads
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