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The Hunger Games

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 What Defines Us

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PostSubject: What Defines Us   Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:11 pm

Valeria was supposed to be a trained killer but she wasn’t like the others. She wasn’t a killer. She was forced into this lifestyle. She didn’t want to be here but knew there was no way out. She knew that in a few years she would be in arena killing people. It wasn’t right but that’s just how it is. She had come to accept her fate. She couldn’t escape so she may as well embrace it.

Destroying human-like dummies, pretending to kill other tributes and preparing for the Games use to sicken her, now she had just accepted as part of her life. She knew she was changing though; she started to really turn into a Career this year. She had started to train every day and stayed after every day. She wasn’t trying to prepare to win the Games for her family, a lover or anyone else she wanted to win to taunt her parents with the fact that she will let them in the money, she wasn’t selfish but they were. After all they were the ones who decided she would be a Career and they will pay for it. Her dark thoughts on how to torture her parents made her smirk. She really was starting to lose it but what was new about that, it was bound to happen sometime.

She was wresting with a fifteen year old girl who thought she could take her on. She pinned the girl down on the ground and had the fake knife to her neck. Then the fake sound of a cannon firing shot out. Stupid girl, never take on someone that is older then you, she was going to be hurting tomorrow. She turned and picked up a harmless version of a blowgun and shot two other trainees that had been doing the practice Hunger Games with her and fifteen year old.

Continent after winning she grabbed her water bottle glaring at a twelve year old boy who tried to steal it. Maybe she was being a bit more edgy today. Female Careers always were edgy at times; female hormones plus weapons equal a very bad combination.
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What Defines Us
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