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 Sorry I almost ran you over (open)

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PostSubject: Sorry I almost ran you over (open)   Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:53 pm

Sebastian Sommers


Seb stepped out in the Test Track. He'd finally finished repairing a car that he'd been working on for a while. This project had taken a bit longer than his other repairs. He put on his father's old test suit that had some padding in the front and back, just in case if there was an accident. Seb finished a few small, quick repairs, and checked over the vehicle. He pushed the car onto the track, climbed in, and started the engine. It stuttered a few times before starting. Seb smiled, proud that his creation worked, and let the engine roar for a bit, before he begun racing it around the track.
It was a simple track. There were some orange cones put up to avoid, hills, trees, and pedestrians were to pop up randomly. Seb raced around once, and the engine seemed to work fine. But it was better to test it more than once. On his second way around, when Seb was where the pedestrians popped up, he saw someone that wasn't made out of wood. Someone was standing in the middle of the road. His eye's widen, and Seb began to freak out. He went for the brakes, but pressed the gas first before realizing it was the wrong peddle. His foot went right to the brakes, and almost hit the person.

"Hey, watch where you're going next time!" Seb shouted as he got out of the car, yelling at the person who stood in the road.

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Sorry I almost ran you over (open)
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