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 In One Fluid Motion

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PostSubject: In One Fluid Motion   Fri May 31, 2013 2:47 am

Hi there! The name is Shan. Shan I am. Anyway, welcome to my topic. I hope you enjoy seeing my literate babies.


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PostSubject: Chase Bailey   Fri May 31, 2013 4:52 am

Name: The name of this person happens to be one Chase Bailey.
Age/Birthday: Chase is sixteen years of age and celebrates her birthday on the fifth of May.
Gender: Chase was born a female and has been a female ever since with the XX chromosome.
District: Chase was born in District 9.
Rich or Poor?: Chase is from a poor family.
Weapon Of Choice: Chase's weapon of choice happens to be a rapier sword.
Physical Appearance: Chase may be sixteen but she appears to be older than that. She looks around twenty years of age. Her eyes are green with small flecks of blue. She does not wear glasses nor does she wear contact lenses. Her hair colour is a multi-toned blonde. She wears it down for the most part, letting the waves of blonde. Sometimes, she will tie it up, however. She weighs 126lbs and stands at 1.57 m. Her body is slim but toned from working in the fields. She is slightly tanned and has fair skin. It has been known to burn under intense heats. She has a heart shaped face and dimples.
Personality: Chase is both cautious and a daredevil. She is a daredevil in the sense she is unafraid to try new tricks and flips but cautious as she needs to think things through first. Chase acts differently when she's alone with someone. She can be a little more open than usual. Her habits include using mundane items as toys, being unable to drink anything with ice in it, she writes with her left hand, writing with her left hand but doing everything else with her right hand, being susceptible to malapropisms or spoonerisms and regularly looking up at the sky to check the position of the sun or moon and commenting on it. Her greatest strength would be her ability to ignore what she needs to but pay attention to the important things. Chase's personal kryptonite is her annoying ability to get lost easily. She has a bad sense of direction. Chase's soft spot is seeing people hurt. She hates it and feels a big need to help them.
Flaw: Chase has been found to be very defensive. She also lacks the idea of shutting up at the right times. She sometimes also puts her foot in her mouth a lot.
Talents: Chase has great hand eye coordination. She has a talent for lying. She is also great at drawing.
Family: Chase has a mother and a father. No siblings.
Pets: Chase has no pets. She dislikes animals anyway.
Brief History: Living in district nine, her life was never easy. She worked in the fields from the age of eleven, helping her father. Her mother stayed at home as a housewife, cooking and cleaning. Chase knew that one day, that would be her job. She disliked this idea and this resulted in many arguments with her mother. Chase's father understood the girl and let her continue to work in the fields. Chase brought in the extra money anyway and this was a good way to attract a husband anyway. Her parents had an old fashioned way of thinking.
Preferred Angles : Chase likes to play the angle of being an innocent farm girl.
Angles this tribute will not do: Chase will not be explicit. She will not act like the bad girl. She will not be outrageous.
Token: Chase has a leather wrist band she likes to wear on her right arm.
Other: None.

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PostSubject: Re: In One Fluid Motion   Sat Jun 01, 2013 7:06 pm

Chase is...

Whoo! Enjoy District 9 and try not to work too hard in the fields all day, that gets tiring after awhile.

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PostSubject: Re: In One Fluid Motion   

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In One Fluid Motion
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