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 Sadix's characters

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PostSubject: Sadix's characters   Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:21 pm

Name:Eric Toris- Eric had gotten his name form his Father, Lorok Toris, which means ruler, king to be more precise.
Age/Birthday:14, born July 30th .
Gender: Male
Rich or Poor?: Middle classed, his mother have a salary of 55,000$ .
Weapon Of Choice: Katanas, secondly hand to hand
Physical Appearance: Eric has short black hair, which he preferably keeps shaved often. His eyes are a piercing hazel green which show brutality and sharpness when provoked, though alluring when not. Eric has lightly tanned skin and is approximately 6'0 tall. Eric has been training for most of his life so he has a very muscular figure and has that presence and is often considered menacing.
Personality: Eric is a kind and friendly person to be around, if not aggravated or antagonized. Eric is also shy around most girls and doesn't socialize much with others, for many reasons he doesn't explain. Eric is menacing if against in a fight or if he was a stranger. Though, once known Eric is as amiable, if on his good side.
Flaw: Anger- Eric is easily aggravated but instead of going berserk, he has learned to challenge it into keeping focused and rationalized, but if deeply angered, he will break that rationalization and go all out.

headstrong- Eric tends to make his decisions and keep to it, even with another persons logical explanation to the situation or opinion. He cannot take it when others don't see it through his way, he sticks with most of his knowledge he feels he knows, sometimes leading to fatal incidents.
(At least 1)
Talents:hand to hand combat, sword play, lifting heavy things, can crafts things fairly well out of wood and stone.
Family:Mother- eric's mother is names Jessica Toris, retired district 2 head peace keeper. She was fierce and strong enough to become the head peace keeper so she had been promoted to the position. Jessica had met Eric's father in a forge when she wanted to get a whip made, they had fell in love when she tested the whip and it was the best one she ever wielded. When they had Eric together, she retired as head peace keeper and stuck to a normal rank.

Father- Eric father was a black smith and could create some of the finest weapons most could imagine, he had made many master pieces in which the district had ranked him the 3rd best black smith there ever was in the district. His father had been killed in an accident in the forge, resulting in incineration. before he died, he have given his son one of his best pieces of work, a Katana.

Pets: none
Brief History: Eric had been raised as a son of the Black smith in district 2, knowing small facts about making weapons, but mostly in how to use them. Eric had received a Katana from his father for his 6th birthday, but he only used it to train. Eric learned how to use it from various mentors who where willing to train him so he could volunteer one day. He proved to be a great opponent with a Katana and pretty good with other weapons used in close range combat. Eric had mourned over the death of his father some times, but he didn't let it stop him from his true goal in site, to prove himself in his district. (Must be at least 4 sentences.)
Preferred Angles :Fierce, menacing, cunning
Angles this tribute will not do: innocent, sexy, pitiful
Token: a coin necklace with a Katana through a lion head engraved in the coin.
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PostSubject: Re: Sadix's characters   Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:36 pm

Eric is...

Welcome to the site and of course enjoy District 2! If you have any questions feel free to PM any of us with the green names as we are all staff!

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Sadix's characters
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