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The Hunger Games

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 Sword Fighting

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PostSubject: Sword Fighting   Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:56 pm

Nixon eyed the station that was filled with weaponry. He gave a slight smirk when he saw the swords, knowing sword fighting was one of his few talents. He walked over to where the swords were hanging, and looked at all of them. They all looked generally the same, so Nix just grabbed a random one and began practicing slicing dummies open. Nixon began to get kinda pissed, because the "blood" inside the dummies was getting all over him. "Why the hell do they have to put fake blood in these things anyway? Like we get it, they're dead." Nixon said angrily. He walked over to an open area where nobody was doing anything and began practicing his sword fighting techniques in plain air. "Ugh this isn't much better..." He mumbled to himself.
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Sword Fighting
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