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 Dragon FAQ (PLEASE READ!!!)

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PostSubject: Dragon FAQ (PLEASE READ!!!)   Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:45 pm


1. Q: My dragon says it wants to go to a certain location or I was told it would only hatch there. Do I have to go there now?
   A: If your dragon wants to go somewhere and you don’t let it, it will become grumpy, but it will probably not lead to any serious consequences, but it might not follow instructions when it’s grumpy. However, if it says it will only hatch in a certain location, it will only hatch in that certain location. Sorry!

2. Q: Can I choose what type of dragon my tribute gets or is it random?
   A: You may request to have a certain type of dragon, and it will be noted, but there is no guarantee you will get that particular dragon. If you request a super powerful dragon you will probably not get it, but if you have a preference just because, there is a possibility you will get what you asked for, or at least something similar. You may ask via PM, on chat, etc.

3. Q: Can my dragon fight alongside me? How do I make it attack?
   A: Yes, but it is more likely your dragon will protect you instead of attacking the other tribute, or will attack the other tribute’s dragon. While dragons can attack tributes, it's very rare. Dragons can also help you in battles with their other abilities, such as flying or breathing fire if your dragon can do that, but these will count as specialty attacks. Aside from that, the GM (me) will use trap or specialty die as dragon attacks and say whether or not the dragon attacked at all, etc. This is also explained in the next question, somewhat.

4. Q: Who RP’s my dragon and controls what it does? How do I communicate to it what I want to do? What is my dragon’s HP?
   A: The GM does. (I do.) You can tell your dragon what you want to do as your tribute and in the GM post I will say how the dragon responded and, if need be, like for an attack, which dice to roll/how to do it. Your dragon does not have specific HP, but I will alert you in a GM post if it is injured, and how badly, or if it cannot fight anymore at all.

5. Q: Can dragons die? Can my dragon be killed by another dragon? Can my dragon kill other tributes?
   A: No, dragons cannot die in the Games because that would make me sad, but they can be injured enough so that they can’t fight and you have to wait for them to heal. A dragon also may not kill a tribute under the instruction of the other tribute, but the Mama Dragon or another dragon mutt that does not belong to a tribute may kill you, same as any mutt.

6. Q: Am I required to have a dragon? Are they mandatory?
   A: Yes. All tributes must acquire a dragon at the cornucopia. They are placed in front of the plates and if you do not take it, your plate will explode and you will die.

7. Q: Are the dragons based of the dragons on DragCave?
   A: For the most part, yes. There may be a few dragons that differ, and most of the abilities are made up, but yes. ***I do not own any of the dragons from DragCave and I do not represent DragCave or hold any claim to them in any way.***

8. Q: Can I have more than one dragon? Can I steal someone else’s dragon? Can we breed dragons?
   A: No, no, and no. Each tribute gets one, and only one. If you don’t like the type of dragon you get, sorry, but you may not change it. Dragons may not breed with other dragons and you may not pick up someone else’s dragon, or steal an NPC’s egg. NPC tributes will have eggs at their plates, but the eggs will be taken back by the Mama Dragon.

9. Q: When will my dragon hatch? How fast will it grow?
   A: It depends. You might have to travel to a certain location, it might take a while, it might happen almost immediately. I will alert you when your dragon has hatched or is close to hatching or if it needs anything else to hatch. Once it has hatched, I will alert you when it grows. As your dragon grows, it will develop abilities (e.g. flying), and I will alert you when these abilities can be used, as well as how. Your dragon cannot use them before I say it has learned how.

10. Q: Do I have to feed my dragon?
    A: Feeding your dragon will make it like you more, but you don’t necessarily need too. It should hunt for itself. The only care your dragon requires is love. Treat your dragon well, or it won’t do what you want it to do.

11. Q: Can my dragon breathe fire and fly and such? Can I ride on it? How big is it? What does it look like? What else can it do?
     A: Calm down. This all depends on the type of dragon it is and how much it has grown. There will be a list of all 24 (or however many non-NPC tributes there are) dragon types, mostly modeled after ones from DragCave. They each have different abilities and appearance. If you have any questions about your dragon, just ask. As for the growth factor, I will alert you when your dragon can fly or breathe fire or use its abilities sometime after it hatches. (See Above)

12. Q: What happens to my dragon if I die? If I win, may I keep it?
      A: After the Games, all dragons will be kept in the Happy Dragon Emporium in the Capitol and treated well. The Capitol people love to go look at the dragons. If you die early in the games and your dragon is still an egg because it never hatched, the Mama Dragon will take care of it. It you die sort of early and your dragon is still a hatchling, it may still return to the Mama Dragon or it may do what adult dragons with dead tributes can do- run wild, occasionally attacking the passing tribute. It depends, but it will probably not be mentioned.
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