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 TheInfernoGames' Characters

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PostSubject: TheInfernoGames' Characters   Sat Aug 17, 2013 5:59 am


Name: Reyna Roxyn

Age/Birthday: 12, May 26th

Gender: Female

District: 7

Rich or Poor?: About average.

Weapon Of Choice: Axe


Physical Appearance: She has long, blue hair and blue eyes. She's very small (at 4"10) and is usually thought of as weak because of her age and appearance. However, she is strong for her age and is talented with an axe since she has been working with one for her entire life (as she's from District 7). The only thing is she would rarely use that strength because she's too apprehensive to kill. As she is small, she's quick and stealthy and good at climbing.

Personality: She is kind but very shy to people she doesn't know. She's also loyal but worried about getting betrayed by her allies. She's quite sensitive, and she would be very hasty to kill. She's also very intelligent, and can decipher most things.

Flaw: She's hasty to kill and very small, so she's obviously weaker than most of the older Tributes.

Talents: She's very good with an axe, as she's been working with them most of her life. She's quick and stealthy as she's so small. She's also very strong for her age, but obviously not compared to the much older, stronger Tributes.


Family: (Mother, father, siblings [if any.]) Her mum and 2 sisters, one aged 18 and the other aged 11.

Pets: A dog.

Brief History: (Must be at least 4 sentences.) She worked in the forest, using an axe since she was old enough. Every day, after work she would stay in the forest, climbing trees. Her sister was reaped a few years back, but a girl (who had mental problems) volunteered in her place. When Roxyn was reaped, no one volunteered for her.


Preferred Angles : Innocent, clever, brave.

Angles this tribute will not do: Sexy

Token: A small carved axe necklace.
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PostSubject: Re: TheInfernoGames' Characters   Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:46 am

Hello, and welcome to the site! :)My name is Rainy Pie, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me or any other staff member. (We're pretty easy to find- we have green usernames like mine. Razz) Now, let's take a look at your first character.

Reyna (or is it Roxyn?) is accepted, but I think you have a bit of confusion about the site. The RP on this site takes place in the Districts for the most part, and then when a game comes along, characters are randomly picked from each district to participate in them, like in the books. Not everyone will necessarily be in the Games, especially right now, since we're currently just finishing up an event called Horde-Mode where 3 victors from previous games had to fight off a horde of everyone else's characters and survive for 4 days. (If a character died during the event, though, they're still alive in the districts.) So, Reyna/Roxyn would not have just been reaped for the Games. Other than that, though, the character is fine, and has the same birthday as me! Cray-Cray Oh, and I'm not sure if you meant to put blue hair, so you might want to check that. Dyed hair is allowed and all, I just thought I should check in case you meant blonde or brown or whatever. Razz

Thanks for joining! Smile
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TheInfernoGames' Characters
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