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The Hunger Games

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 The Meevanree Home

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PostSubject: The Meevanree Home   Wed Sep 11, 2013 3:05 pm

Tetris switches off the holographic computer she was working on. "Blasted thing, I'll never get it to work...might as well just toss it at a peacekeeper" She slams it down hoping to crack it open but then the mechanism projects the image of the capitol insignia. "Finally! I've done it" She smiles to herself. Suddenly her younger sister walks in. "Tetris what are you doing?" she asks in her cute little 5 year old voice. "I'm going outside for a bit, tell mommy I'll be on the porch" "Ok" she skips out of the room. Tetris gets up and walks downstairs, she opens the front door and watches a couple with a baby go by, followed by some peacekeepers. She goes to sit down and she pulls out her little wire doll from her pocket. "Wow it actually worked, I'll have to thank shock for you later" She sits there and watches the world around, thinking of a new invention.
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The Meevanree Home
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