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 District 10 Train

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PostSubject: District 10 Train   Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:45 am

"Hey, easy there big fella," Derald was shoved into one of those classy lookin' train cars and the door slid shut behind him, all the chatter and noise dulled to silence, as if he entered a vacuum and it was only him and the oxygen for him to breath. Everything felt dead. Well it only seemed fitting, seeing the imminent future to come. Derald looked left and right and sighed, the only sound as it echoed and bounced off the walls.

In the end, Tess came stomping into the room glaring at him for a few second before slapping him on the shoulder, "Ya just have the worst of luck don't ya?" She muttered as she hit his chest until she couldn't find the will to continue. Derald pulled her into a hug, "That's what I'm suppose to be here for ain't it?"

"Shut up," Tess knocked onto his head one last time as she plopped his favourite hat on him, "and you forgot this." Derald grinned, resting his elbow on his cousin's head, "Thanks, Tess. How can I live without ya?" She rolled her eyes and mumbled, "I should the one saying that." And Derald saw his cousin smile with those hopeful eyes, "Promise you'll try and come back? We still need you to handle the pigs." Derald couldn't say much but he chuckled and pulled his hat down over his eyes, pretending to be cool and all, "I'll think about it. It's quite tempting to leave ya with the pigs." Tess laughed as she left the room without even being escorted, "Dream on."

His uncle didn't come but Derald preferred it that way. There didn't need to be any sobbing, no snottin'. And at least his last memory of his Uncle was of his smile. Pulling off his hat, he threw it at the sofa, hitting it with a loud thud. Derald paced around the room, waiting for something else to happen.


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District 10 Train
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