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The Hunger Games

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 Combat battles

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PostSubject: Combat battles   Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:18 pm

Samantha walked slowly to the training gym the other day. She had gone through her private session, but comparing to others, she didn't care at all...

She simply warmed up by practising a little, before fighting with the instructor.
-NO! You have to stand like this, he said fixing her posture, and then move your right hand, but hit me with the left, com'on try it!

I sighed and kept trying to do what he said. I had some time now, to meet with Jasper. Glancing at each other was no fair count... She hadn't spoken to him at all though. His words were still into her mind. They had the same reasons so... which reasons? Someone he loved died in the Games maybe? She wondered.

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Combat battles
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