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 Interview with Derald Hafer!

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PostSubject: Interview with Derald Hafer!   Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:54 pm

.:Caesar Flickerman:.

"What a sad tale," He said, flicking a tear from his eyes as the last tribute left the stage. Then he put on a broad smile, "Next up, please welcome Derald Hafer, of the wide-open District Ten!" His hand went out to welcome the boy onstage, motioning for him to take a seat. "So Derald, tell us. How's the Capital treating you? Well I hope?"
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Derald Hafer!   Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:12 pm

Derald stood by the stairs leading up to the stage. His district partner was still up there talking with the crowd while he seemed to be waiting for centuries. Why can't he just go up there and be a stand up comedian, being a tribute seemed so much harder. But he kept to same usual smile as Catelyn came back down and he was quickly introduced. Derald did a quick job up the stairs and to Caesar, shooting an arm up to waved to the crowd. He had his hat on today, no matter what his stylist said. Derald pulled the hat off and bowed before shaking Caesar's hand, taking a seat on those plushy chairs. "Howdy! Great to be here," he grinned but the greetings were soon over when Caesar's question started so quickly. "Absolutely! The Capitol's been great and I discovered the creations of caramel pudding. So it's all good!" Derald laughed  remembering him looking at the jiggly thing and took a liking to it immediately.


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Interview with Derald Hafer!
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