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 Interview with Alexavier Fuchs!

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PostSubject: Interview with Alexavier Fuchs!   Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:55 pm

Caesar stood up and smoothen out his cobalt blue suit and flashed a huge grin, hushing the audience. "Alright alright, all of you are so very excited tonight aren't you guys?" The crowds whooped and cheered in response but died down again as Caesar requested. "Well wait no longer! Let us welcome our last stunning tribute, Alexavier Fuchs from District 12!" His arm flew out towards the side of the stage, seeing the tribute walk up towards him. "Pleasure to see you tonight Alexavier! Wow that's quite a long name, is there any nickname you have? I hope the Capitol's been treating you well, how do you find our homeland?" He asked as they shook hands and took their seat.


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Interview with Alexavier Fuchs!
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