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The Hunger Games

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 Daily Update Day 1

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PostSubject: Daily Update Day 1   Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:52 pm

As the anthem plays and the faces show, 8 nameless faces show up in the sky according to their district...

District 1 male...killed by Xav Fuchs
District 3 male...killed by Robert Lenford
District 3 female...killed by Robert Lenford
District 5 male...killed by Mars Littner
District 5 female...killed by "Glyph" Robinsong
District 8 male...killed by Geoffrey Turner
District 8 female...killed by Gemma Turner
District 9 female...killed by Xav Fuchs

Kill count:
Xav Fuchs - 2 kills
Robert Lenford - 2 kills
Geoffrey Turner - 1 kill
Gemma Turner - 1 kill
Mars Littner - 1 kill
"Glyph" Robinsong - 1 kill
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Daily Update Day 1
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