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 sticks and stones may break my bones [open]

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PostSubject: sticks and stones may break my bones [open]   Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:09 pm

louisa rae vance

Louisa walked through the populated center of the nut, her sandals coming unlatched as she walked. Occasionally the girl would have to stop and fix it, for the fear that her shoe would come completely off. She didn't think it was worth that, so she would make as many stops as she needed to. The girl was on a hunt for fabric, that her nanny would make into a dress for some important event. Maybe a party, put on by her father, or something like that. Lou loved parties, it gave her another excuse to try and look as pretty as she could. And yes, she was up to that challenge.

Her floral dress fluttered softly at her feet as she moved along, sliding her cardigan closer to her whenever the wind sent a harsher gust at her. Louisa's blue eyes penetrated into the faces of a few beggars and lower shops, finding them disgusting. Couldn't they beg somewhere else? If there was one thing she couldn't stand, it was the lower class. You could definitely describe this girl as vain, but you couldn't tell by her look. Lou has a soft smile on her face, matched with an innocent sea of waves cascading from her face. Today's makeup appeared natural, but still accented the best parts of her face.

As she continued along, the girl didn't take time to look where she was going. Her mind was searching for fabric, not things in her way. Louisa also didn't realize she had tripped until it was too late, and she was falling into someone's arms. She didn't often take into falling into someone, and gasped as she fell, trying to catch herself. Hopefully the person she was gripping could stop her fall.
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sticks and stones may break my bones [open]
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