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The Hunger Games

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 Description of The District

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PostSubject: Description of The District   Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:41 am

District Five lies in a dark, foggy area. It is almost never above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but the residents are used to it by now and don't feel the need to constantly be bundled up. There is very little sun, except in the mornings. In the morning, the dew on the street glistens for a short time with warm light, but by noon the mist has re-settled and the sky is murky once again. Most of District 5 is made up of alleyways, and the streets are scattered with debris. There are many twists and turns that would confuse a stranger, but the locals know their way around. The wealthy live near the Victors Village and further on is the upper district, where, despite the name, the devastatingly poor residents dwell. Between these two is a long line of houses that are placed in close proximity of each-other. These houses are home to the majority of the District 5 population. Back in the Upper District, there is a large grey cement building that is known as the Power Plant. There are lightning rods on the roof that are usually lit up with sparks from the multiple storms that District 5 experiences. There is also a large ravine where little streams form sometimes because of all the rain. The District 5 youth can be found playing around here a lot of the time.
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Description of The District
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