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The Hunger Games

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 Who wants to be... Famous?

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PostSubject: Who wants to be... Famous?   Wed Jun 11, 2014 8:17 pm

Haha, okay. I'm starting to currently making a Hunger Games fanfiction that I'm going to post on And I got an idea:

What if I asked people for their characters to star in my fanfic?

Best idea ever, am I right? Anyway, a special code will be down there waiting for you, and just fill out whatever's needed ^^ I'm actually going to need a boy and a girl from each district, and just a boy for D7, so... Space is limited ;-; But don't worry, your charrie can be a background person!

This story actually takes place in the 48th Hunger Games, but don't worry. I'm not going to make your character age or whatever ^^ You know what? I'll just make this a fanfiction of RP characters, and my dear Octavia will be the main character :DBut guess what? She probably won't win <_<

Plot: The 48th Hunger Games. What do you expect? Eh, there might be love, angst, tears, Octavia, your character.

Character Name:
Link to your character topic(so I can see personality, appearance, etc.):
Anything you want to happen to your charrie?(Love, death, alliance, etc.):
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Who wants to be... Famous?
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