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 37th Games Reaping

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PostSubject: 37th Games Reaping   Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:37 pm

"Welcome, welcome!" The District Three escort chirped as the citizens gathered. She cast her bleached smile over the dull crowd, waiting for them to settle before continuing on. "Today, one lucky man and one lucky woman shall have the honor of participating in the 37th Hunger Games!" she paused for a cheer, "Now then, Ladies first!" The escort's voice cut off as she broke from the microphone. Her hand dipped into the bowl of names and shuffled the papers. Finally, she withdrew a name and took breath to announce. Who could it be?
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PostSubject: Re: 37th Games Reaping   Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:22 pm

She dug her hand into the bowl and pulled out the female tribute's name, "Theresa Powers" She called out and then she dug into the male's bowl. "David Switch"
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PostSubject: Re: 37th Games Reaping   Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:35 pm

* David Switch
Name: David Switch

David woke up to the sound of a sword, a cannon, and the announcers blaring "Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting our 37th Hunger Games Victor--". He woke up right then and there, for some odd reason he had dreams sometimes and they actually came real a couple weeks, days, or months later. It was weird, he couldn't really explain it. David groaned and stretched, he looked outside and heard the tweeting of birds. David was calm, unusually calm for a day like today. The teenager was somewhat excited for the games, he felt as if they would be fun if he would be reaped. He'd probably go streaking because he's a dumbass but then again it'd be good for sponsers, if you know what he means. David stood up from his bed and walked over, the cool breeze against his legs and body made him sprout goosebumps all over. He went through his drawers, finding something to wear. He got a plaid sweatshirt with jeans, and walked over to the bathroom. He took a 'shower' which was actually just a bucket of water that we used with some kind of back thing. It wasn't that pretty, in David's opinion. He clothed himself, styled his hair, and walked into the kitchen. David waved 'Hello' to Micah and hugged Sondra, he was to nervous to eat at the time and wanted to comfort his little sister on her first reaping. He ate and stood at the door, waiting for Sondra, and Micah.

Within five minutes, they were off. David had started to worry, what if Sondra was reaped? Nobody would volunteer for her, right? He shook his head, no, she wouldn't be reaped. She is among the children in district 3 with the LOWEST possible chance of being reaped, what is he worrying about? David himself, though, was among those who had the largest chance to be reaped. Sondra, Micah, and David were quiet, walking to the reapings. The three all knew that probably one of them would be reaped, David looked at Micah. David felt bad for Micah, he knew that if Micah were to be reaped, Micah would be one of the first to die. Micah was about as skinny as a fucking twig, David didn't know if Micah even truely ate or not. But, whatever. He listened to the sound of their feet crunching onto the gravel as they walked to the square, his breath was starting to quicken. He put out his hand for Sondra to hold, and she took it greatfully. He squeezed her hand, she squeezed back. Sondra and David had something about each other that was, special. He couldn't tell what it was, they just were the kind of siblings that cared deeply for each other and would kick someones' ass if they found out they were being made fun of. David liked that, Sondra was the kind of girl that liked art, and having fun at the same time.

When they got there, all three of them started to tear up. They all knew that they might not see one of them again, and in David or Micah's case, two of them. He had been contemplating on what he'd do if Sondra was reaped, he'd be the first. And the ONLY first to step into to say his final goodbyes to Sondra, he'd use all of his time hugging, crying, hugging, and yes, bawling his eyes out that both of them knew that Sondra wouldn't come back. He then thought about Micah, recently the boy and Micah had become better friends. They both knew that they had to keep Sondra calm during the reapings, and make sure that she didn't do anything stupid that she'd get killed by the PeaceKeepers. They finally got to the reapings, and Sondra's eyes suddenly shrunk and she got as stiff as a log. Her face was turning white, Great, the Reaping Shivers. David had thought to himself. He turned around and told that Micah can continue if he wished, but Micah followed David to their sister. David got on his knees and pulled Sondra to look at him.

"Look, I know you're scared, but you have the lowest possible chance of being reaped. There is nothing to be worried about, Sondra." David reassured the young girl, he looked into her eyes. She was the prettiest girl he had met, if he wasn't related to her and a bit younger, he'd probably crush on her. But onto another topic, her eyes bored into her skull and she said in that sweet little voice of hers "But, what about you? What if you're reaped?", Micah looked at the teenager with a raised eyebrow. "Well, I'd kick some ass for you two. Both of you." David said, he looked at both Micah and Sondra as he said the last part, and they all were serious. "Let's go, it wont be long." David said, and they all walked into the reapings happily. David got his sample taken and walked to his area, he secretly knew that his parents had doubled his tesserae because of how confident they were he'd win. As David looked around for his siblings, he tried to keep confident. He knew they wouldn't get reaped, he knew it.

The perky little escort from District 3 walked up onto the stage as the rest of the 'contestants' to win the 'big prize' filed into their spots. He had always wondered if she ever got attached to her tributes, and if so, who? He shook his head, he had to pay attention. David listened to her small introduction and she started with the girls, "Theresa Powers.". He recognized the name, he recognized the face too. He knew that she was too bubbly and awkward to win the games, but whatever. "Onto the boys." The escort had said, David started sweating. The escort pulled a name out of the bowl. He was sure he was going to feint. She read the name, that David had dreaded from the moment he had stepped out of the house today,
"David Switch." her the words flowed from her mouth. David had stared dumbfounded for a second, as if he didn't know he was going to be reaped. David walked out into the isle and walked up slowly, he looked around for Micah and saw tears forming in his eyes. When he got to the front, he looked over for Sondra. He found her right away, he saw her hands covering her face and heard the sound of sobbing. Her sobbing. He saw other girls comforting her as David walked up, the teenager nodded in her direction as she looked at him. David walked up the stairs, and stood there. He looked out into the crowd, a serious face on. He shook hands with his 'district partner' and left.

When it came time for the final goodbyes, he braced himself for
1. Sondra.
2. Micah.
3. His Parents,
4. Maybe Loki?
those were the people in his mind that he had cared most for, and hoped they care d enough to visit him. The timer started, now. The first person bursting through the door, Sondra. She was in full tears, her face bright red from crying. She was starting to have to inhale quite slowly and he was afraid she was going to die, from crying so much or something David didn't know.
"Please, win for me David. Win for me and Micah. I know you can do it, I know you can" Sondra pleaded, she was clinging onto me. David clung onto her, and didn't want to let go. They sobbed, and hugged for once last minute and the peacekeeper came in to tell David it was time for a new visitor.
"NO! NO, NO PLEASE! I DIDN'T GET ENOUGH--" Sondra tried to say as the PeaceKeeper dragged her away, and out the door. David slumped back, ready for Micah. Yep, Micah was next. He opened the door silently and closed it silently, he was crying. David hugged him, a brother kind of hug. Micah gave David some goodbyes, comments, and made a quick joke and made David laugh.
"Thanks, Micah. Please, please take care of Sondra. I know I may not come back, but do your very best to take care of her." David asked Micah, he was serious. David knew that it was a 1/24 chance he'd come back, and Sondra needed some attention or to be distracted during that time. Micah left, and nobody came. David sighed, and walked towards the train with his partner. It looked chrome, and more advanced then anything in District 3. He had been wondering what the inside of the train looked like, and now is the time to discover. But that, is for another time, and another story.

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comments: I am taking the spot of District 3 Male.
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PostSubject: Re: 37th Games Reaping   

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37th Games Reaping
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