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The Hunger Games

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 37th Games Reaping

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PostSubject: Re: 37th Games Reaping   Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:50 pm

Emmett usually was never pumped for the Reapings. He was always upset that he never got picked. He wanted to go into the games so badly, prove his family wrong. His sister wouldn't be the best sibling. He would. Emmett was wearing a black vest and black pants, pretty much what he wore for every Reaping. Since Astrid, the last District Two victor won, the best district two finish was fifth, pretty bad for the district. He stared at all the people starting to file in. Out of all the people he noticed, he was the only one with a devilish smirk. All Emmett wanted, was a little drop of blood on his hands.
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37th Games Reaping
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