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 New Characters (Polly1826)

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PostSubject: New Characters (Polly1826)   Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:29 pm

Name: (First and Last) Silka Olivia Hayes
Age/Birthday: 17/July 5th, 1997
Gender: Female
District: 12
Rich or Poor?: On the poor side.
Weapon Of Choice: bow and arrow
Physical Appearance: (Must be at least 4 sentences.) Silka is somewhat tall with strong arms. Her fingers are long, which helps her shoot better. She has long half tanned legs and tough feet. She is not fat or skinny, she is in between those two.
Personality: (Must be at least 4 sentences.) Silka is very free spirited, so sometimes she can get herself into trouble. She is also very caring towards her younger sister Daffodil, who is eleven. Silka is adventurous and kind to most people. She does get a little frusterated sometimes, and takes it out on people. But no one should take her actions personally.
Flaw: (At least 1) She has a tendon that got torn a couple years ago. She got it surgically fixed, but if it tears again, the damage might be permanent.
Talents:(Must list three)
Wood Carving
Family: (Mother, father, siblings [if any.]) mother-Dawn Hayes
Father-Timothy Hayes    Sister-Lily AshGrove Hayes
Pets: A black male Scottie named Whiskers.
Brief History: (Must be at least 4 sentences.) Silka was born in district twelve. From 7-11 years old she was homeschooled by her mother.Then she started attending public school more.When she was twelve, her father left her, Dawn, and Lily to fend for themselves. It was said that he was trying to escape so he did not have to be a tribute in the games. Ever since then, Silka has become stronger, so that she can take care of her family.
Preferred Angles :(Innocent, Sexy, Mysterious.. etc..) Likes to be thought of as free spirited.
Angles this tribute will not do: (Max. 3)
fight with people in the district.
Token: A moon with a wolf inside it howling.
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New Characters (Polly1826)
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