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The Hunger Games

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 'Cause I can't stop time, you keep blurring in my mind

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PostSubject: 'Cause I can't stop time, you keep blurring in my mind   Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:36 pm

JESSE HAYNES -- District Nine Male

Say goodbye, walk away, don't look back so it won't hurt so bad.

Then why does it hurt so bad? Even without looking back, I still feel the entirety of the pain I felt when my name was called. The entirety of the pain when I said goodbye to my parents. The pain is still there, as bad as ever. All I can do now is focus on the tracks ahead and hope I can make it out alive...

I enter the dining car; it seems the most reasonable place for us all to gather. Entering, I look around the car. It's the most ornate thing I've ever seen. Gaudy, flashy, and clean don't even do it justice. Flowers decorate everything, food is piled onto trays and tables, enough for a large amount of people. I slowly step further into the car, as if any step I make will break something. Slowly, I make it to a table with drinks on it. Looking through them, I find something that mom used to keep at the house. "Apple juice," I say, without even realizing the words have left my mouth. Stopping, I quickly glance around the car. I'm alone, for the moment. "Thank goodness," I mutter as I pull out a bottle of the liquid. Pouring a large glass of it, I set the bottle back and take my glass to a couch. Taking a careful seat, I lean back and take in the car more. It's as if I expect someone to come out of the walls and help me... protect me... save me? Maybe, but those are childish dreams. The only person that will be coming now is my mentor, who was lucky enough themselves to survive the Games. Maybe they can help me.

"Hello?" I question the empty car. Bottles rattle in response, and I am forced to turn and stare at the passing scenery while I wait.

location: D9 Train
items : Nothing

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PostSubject: Re: 'Cause I can't stop time, you keep blurring in my mind   Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:06 pm

Regan was a tad late on arriving in the dining car; he'd honestly hoped it wasn't the place he'd have to do this.  Again.  He plastered on a smile and entered the car.

"Oi, mornin' Lad and Lady- Or just the lad, then?"  He frowned, noticing the female tribute wasn't present.  Oh well, it wasn't his fault she didn't take part in introductions.  "Jesse, correct?  I'm Regan Barwet.  I'll be your mentor.  No question is a stupid question, I've heard 'em all,"  he said, looking over the boy he'd have to train.  It was doable.  He waited a moment, then turned to the food cart, grabbing his favorite of the rolls and biting into it.  "Word of advice.  Eat the food." he said, taking a seat across from the tribute.  "So... Jesse,"  Regan proceeded, "Any questions? Plans? Angles ya want to try out?  I'm here to help ya in any case.  Believe me, we're just tryin'a' getcha home."
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'Cause I can't stop time, you keep blurring in my mind
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