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 Description of the District

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PostSubject: Description of the District   Description of the District Icon_minitimeSun Feb 26, 2012 3:49 pm

District two occupies one of the mountainous regions of Panem. The district is the only one that has multiple residential areas, as its houses are set up in small villages throughout the mountains, with small mountain paths leading between them. The largest of these areas holds the District square, the Victors village and the railway that leads to the Nut. The Nut is situated inside the largest of the mountains in the district, and is where almost all of the legal trading goes on, it also features countless stone mines and most of the capitol's military. The factories of District two sit on the opposite side of the Rails to the Nut from the Town Square, they are used to make weapons.

Description of the District Gavin-free-knocking-games-off-shelf-o
Joshua Shramp, 19, District 4
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Description of the District
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