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The Hunger Games

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 no fish are here to spear

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PostSubject: no fish are here to spear   Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:39 am

oceania wave

Oceania sighed as the elevator doors opened in front of her. Not many tributes made it down to the Center yet, for some unknown reason. She ran a hand through her straight hair and made her way swiftly to the Ranged Weapon Section. She wasn't afraid of Training, only because she had trained for as long as she could have, and the fact that she won Four's fighting tournament raised her odds. She neared the gigantic rack of spears; the weapons all had different styles and sizes for her Training practice.

The girl's hand slid across the grip of a designed spear. Different shapes were cut out in the flat shaft, probably making it aerodynamic. She gripped it gently while retrieving it from the rack, then gripped it more tightly once it hung from her arm. She adjusted her arm in a throwing position. Out of nowhere, it seemed, Oceania turned herself 360○, but once she was around 270○, she took all the force she had and flung the spear towards the target, where a big slamming noise occured. The spear appeared in the outline of the brain target's bullseye. She bit her bottom lip, looking over the rack of weapons before her, deciding which ones to use next.

coded by Kellisabell<3

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no fish are here to spear
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