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 just because i live with water doesn't mean i'm afraid of fire

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PostSubject: just because i live with water doesn't mean i'm afraid of fire   Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:00 am

oceania wave

Oceania thought she had enough time at the spear's section; she thought she needed more practice with survival skills. She knelt down to the ground, looking over her materials, and found a bunch of twigs, rope, a box of matches (which she thought was futile to use if she wanted to learn), rocks, and leaves. She remembered back to when her family hosted bonfires on the dunes of Home.

The girl organized the rocks into a circle and placed the slightly larger sticks in a pile. She took a medium sized twig and placed it vertically up,, supporting it with her palms. She moved her hands back and forth and up and down slightly. Once smoke started to build up, she blew some air onto the starting-fire until a spark caused a flame to be created. She grinned to herself at her creation and stood up, and spit on the fire. It soon died down, and she stomped on the glowing embers until they died out too.

coded by Kellisabell<3

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just because i live with water doesn't mean i'm afraid of fire
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