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The Hunger Games

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 Interview with Rune Highspeak!

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PostSubject: Interview with Rune Highspeak!   Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:13 pm

Caesar stood upon the stage, smiling into the crowd. Exuberantly he said, "Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome!" Caesar absorbs the crowds cheering, his smile growing larger. "Let us give a warm welcome to our next tribute: Rune Highspeak from District 8!" The crowd follows with louder cheers. "Hello, Rune! It is great to see you! How has the Capitol been treating you thus far? It isn't quite the District Eight you call home, but the Capitol is lovely, isn't it?" Caesar motions to the chair beside him, indicating that Rune sit. The crowd roars at the sight of the next tribute.

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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Rune Highspeak!   Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:42 pm

Rune skipped out to the sound of the Capitol's cheers, her long, rainbow-dyed dress swirling a bit around her.  It wasn't a full skip, because of the high heels and the warning of her mentor, but she maintained that bouncy step as she waved to the crowd.  "Well, Caesar, I must say, it's been great!" She crossed her legs as she sat beside him, nodding a bit at his questions.  "It's so great to be here, all the refreshments and training equipment.  And the view in my room?  Let me tell ya, it's to die for."
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Rune Highspeak!   Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:02 am

Caesar and the crowd laughed at Rune's joke. "Very clever, my dear! Yes, our facilities are magnificent, aren't they? And I must say, your outfit looks fabulous. Major props to the District 8 stylist!" The crowd made hushed noises of agreement, anxious to examine the new tribute. "Speaking of things that are to die for, what would you say is your driving force in the games? Anything or..." he winks suggestively, the cameras zooming in on his face so the audience could see it clearly, "anyone who fuels your drive to survive? From back home, perhaps?" He leaned in and the crowd fell silent, desperate for an answer.

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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Rune Highspeak!   

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Interview with Rune Highspeak!
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