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 LeeBee's Darlings Work In Progress

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PostSubject: LeeBee's Darlings Work In Progress   Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:40 pm

Gabe is 16 years old and was born on April 20th.
He is male.
Rich or Poor:
Gabe's family is what you'd call upper-middle class.
Weapon Of Choice:
Gabe prefers to work with a sword, as that was his weapon of choice when playing "knights" with his brother and neighbors.
Physical Appearance:
Gabe has medium-length brown hair. It is in the same style it has been since he was ten. Gabe's hair is always parted deeply to the side. It is slightly wavy and curls back behind his ears. Gabe's eyes are dark blue-green. Gabe is taller than most kids in his class, and lean, like a typical district resident. He has a very square face, and prominent cheekbones. He has a thin scar on his knee from picking at a scab.
Gabe is funny. He considers his wit and charm to be more important than any of his other features. He is most certainly a deadpan snarker. Gabe is the guy who is eternally the wing-man, the side-kick. He's not brave or particularly strong, like a typical alpha of a group. Gabe is content enough to be second in command, never the target. Gabe is also arrogant. He sees telling everyone just how clever he is as the only viable way to communicate. He holds himself in a manner that shows pride and superiority. Gabe is insecure. He needs reassurance from others to determine his self-worth, and therefore is prone to depression.
Gabe isn't likely to get along with others, as he seems to be a snarky, annoying jerk.
Sword fighting, camouflage, and dancing.
Gabe lives with his grandmother, Briania and his Brother, Noah.
Brief History:
Gabe lives with his grandmother, and has for as long as he can remember. Noah, his older brother is his role model. His grandmother
Preferred Angles: (Innocent, Sexy, Mysterious.. etc..)
Angles this tribute will not do: (Max. 3)
Token: (Optional)
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LeeBee's Darlings Work In Progress
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