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 Chiptzel's Characters

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PostSubject: Chiptzel's Characters   Tue Jul 08, 2014 6:51 pm

Name: Bianca Nadellel
Age/Birthday: 15 years; born March 1st
Gender: Female
District: 8
Rich or Poor: Poor
Weapon Of Choice: Sword
Physical Appearance: Being one of the shortest girls in her neighborhood, she was often ridiculed for her strange red eyes and snowy white hair, even though she wasn't aged nor mutated. Cordellia has freckles across her nose and on her cheeks. She attained her mother's pale skin, and her father's weak-looking body. Although her body's colors don't allow her to blend in with most surroundings, Cordellia's presence is almost ghostly.
Personality: Due to all the teasing she received at home, she's often shy (your first impression) around new people, but incredibly observant. Through personal experience, Lia learned to be more modest and polite around others. Her quietness reflects her nearly invisible being. Although she seems sheepish at first, she happens to be more brave in daring situations.
Flaw: Her appearance makes her easy to spot if she's not behind you..
Talents: An extremely skilled sword fighter, silence in speed, the way she gets into people's heads
Family: She grew up as an only child with her fishing father and weak-bodied mother.
Brief History: When Cordellia was born, even the doctors were a little surprised at first. She was raised almost entirely separate from other children, but there was one day on her seventh year that she wanted to interact with kids her age. Of course, not many took her appearance light-heartedly. Their frequent masks were easy for Lia to see through and later on in her school years made her drop out.
Preferred Angles: Silence, Clairvoyance, Fearless
Angles this tribute will not do: Outgoing, Loud, Ordinary
Token: Soundless, silver belle
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PostSubject: Re: Chiptzel's Characters   Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:12 pm

First off, I would love to welcome you to the site! I am Raivis, I remember talking with you in the Chatbox the other day, so I'm happy you stuck around to make a charrie! =)

A couple of things before your charrie can be accepted. The first glaring one to me is the Clairvoyance angle. Clairvoyance is more of a psychic ability than an angle. Angles would be more along the lines of sassy, aggressive, or like the two you have: quiet and fearless. The second one would be your description of Bianca. The way you describe her makes her seem to be an albino. If this is the case (I'm not saying it is, just if), then she would be physically unable to have freckles, as freckles are clumps of pigment where albinos lack all pigment. A final piece comes in her fathers job. With her being from District Eight, the odds of her father being a fisherman are slim to none. Almost all jobs in District Eight pertain to the production of clothing, so a better option would be something along the lines of weaver or factory worker or tailor. You've also listed two different names for your charrie in the sheet. I don't know if this was on purpose or if you forgot to change it, it just popped out at me.

Sorry if this seems a bit nitpicky. Just trying to make some things a little clearer with your charrie. Look over what I've said and see if it applies! =)
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Chiptzel's Characters
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