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 all those tears gone to waste (sondra one-shot) NOT DONE

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all those tears gone to waste (sondra one-shot) NOT DONE Left_bar_bleue150/150all those tears gone to waste (sondra one-shot) NOT DONE Empty_bar_bleue  (150/150)
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all those tears gone to waste (sondra one-shot) NOT DONE Empty
PostSubject: all those tears gone to waste (sondra one-shot) NOT DONE   all those tears gone to waste (sondra one-shot) NOT DONE Icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2014 7:49 pm

all those tears gone to waste (sondra one-shot) NOT DONE 0k7Nc02
what she thinks
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Tears, that's what Sondra had been on her face ever since her brother had left. She was absolutely terrified that her most dearest memories, her childhood was just taken away from her and she can't do anything about it. Her mother had been trying to get her outside of the god damn house for weeks, but Sondra refused. She wanted to experience and watch David's every step through the games, it made her feel like she was actually with him. The girl looked at the screen a bit, seeing that David seemed to be dancing with death at the time and a barrel full of tears almost rolled out of her eyes. She blinked the tears away for a second, and looked over at her brother and Loki. They seemed to be talking, and seeing them wanted her to cry even more. Loki was basically 1/3 of those David had cared about, and it felt wrong to her that David probably expected her to be crying into Loki's arms; not Micah's. Sure, Loki seemed to be pretty protective and kind but Micah was her brother and he'd most likely understand her more. She gulped a bit, knowing very well if she looked at the screen she could witness her brother's death right then and there. Sondra looked at the screen, to see another male climbing out of the hole, getting hurt quite a bit from the spikes, David getting healed by some odd magical source of healing and the girl getting a bit damage along with it. She grinned happily, and squealed. "LOKI, MICAH! DAVID MIGHT ACTUALLY GET OUT OF THIS ALIVE!  She screamed while staring at the screen with joy, she literally wanted to hug the screen in happiness but didn't. Probably one second later, she heard the sound of running footsteps and found herself squished between two smelly teenage boys. She stuck her tongue out at the smell, Ew.. Did either of them even take their shower today? she thought in disgust. Loki had been living with the family for a while, since David put him in charge. The girl leaned back as the two boys high-five'd, it was pretty obvious they were pumped about this too. She threw her arms around Micah, and they hugged for what seemed like ten minutes. She was laughing, now. Tears streaming down her face as she forgot all the worries she had about David, she was too in the moment to realize that the girl had almost hit him again and the male that climbed out was trying to help David. She was jumping up and down, crying in joy and was just overjoyed that her brother might make it a bit farther. Suddenly, she heard a really loud rumbling sound from the television they had. Oh shit, don't tell me he's going to die.. She thought to herself as she whipped her head towards the screen to see what was causing the rumbling, David was lifted up into the air and the other two along with the one kid commentating on the fight was gone too. She started crying in joy more, her brother was going to live! She couldn't calm herself down, until her face drained of all color... The one face that looked so oddly familiar, it scared her.. Why..? She thought, she looked questioningly at the screen again.. And she was right, it was herself. Sondra was in the games, not a tribute; but a mutt.
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all those tears gone to waste (sondra one-shot) NOT DONE
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