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The Hunger Games

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 Special Announcement for the 38th Hunger Games!

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PostSubject: Special Announcement for the 38th Hunger Games!   Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:51 pm

Sponsor Scores!

Yes, you heard right, Sponsor scores. This is the new twist of the Games and each tribute, other than just their Private Session scores, will be getting a Sponsor Score that determines how likable that tribute is to the Capitol or how well that tribute has played his/her angle and convinced the Capitol that you are someone worth rooting for.

So here's how it works, the Sponsor Score will contain of two different criteria, your Private Session score, which is out of 12, and your Parade/Interview Score, which is out of 10. The Sponsor Score will be a total of 22 and the tribute must get 11 and above to be able to receive sponsors from our lovely Capitol Citizens.

The Parade/Interview Score will of course, be based off your Parade and more importantly your Interview, where the Capitol gets to really know you. But of course, first impressions always help no? Tributes that exceed well in the Parade may just help with their Sponsor Score.

This score is judged by the GM/GMs that do not have a character in the Games.

But at the end of the day, having a low Sponsor Score doesn't mean it's the end of the world, it is possible to try and raise it higher, before and during the Games itself. Tributes who have seem to be doing outstandingly, or not so outstandingly, will have their points updated, just as how the Capitol changes their mind about you. So do remember to check back at the scoreboard every once in awhile, because if you're at the bottom of the list, let's hope your mentors can work magic on those sponsors.

Any questions or things that require clarifications please feel free to ask right here so that everyone can be clarified as well! c: #creditSor'sidea

And with that, this is the end of the Special Announcement from the Hunger Games HQ, have a great day Panem.

The Staff


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Special Announcement for the 38th Hunger Games!
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