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 here's a sword, there's a sword, everywhere there's a sword

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PostSubject: here's a sword, there's a sword, everywhere there's a sword   Fri Oct 10, 2014 11:39 pm

Aaron Seam

As a tall, blonde young man stepped into the training gym he let out an audible sigh. Looking around he saw many stations, many occupied. Mainly though he saw the tributes, all the ones from lower districts that looked ready to slaughter every single person. Aaron decided to steer clear of those people. So instead he went with something familiar to him, swords. Taking long strides to the sword area he popped hi knuckles and flexed hi grip to prepare for the swords which he would be training with.

Once at the station, Aaron rolled his shoulders a bit as he carefully looked at his options of techniques. Maces, axes, knives...ah, swords. With a small grin, Aaron grabbed a pair of sharp twin swords with a twirl in his hand, the blade's making a loud 'swoosh' noise as they sliced through the air. After a moment to gather his grip, Aaron squared up in the middle of the three dummies around him. Closing his eyes a bit to allow him a moment to think he breathed out slowly and opened his eyes. Then he leapt into action, taking the dummy on the right first, even though it wasn't armed. Slashing the dummy's chest wide open, he twirled the swords in this hand again before stabbing the one on the far left straight through the head. Pausing once more he left the sword imbedded in the left dummy to slash with all his might and behead the dummy in the middle. After this, he took a second to breath, taking a deep breath before Aaron placed a foot on the far left dummy's chest and yanking the sword out. As he heard steps behind him he turned around, wondering who it was.
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here's a sword, there's a sword, everywhere there's a sword
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