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 Take me down to the paradise city ---- [open]

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PostSubject: Take me down to the paradise city ---- [open]   Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:52 pm

Avaryl Pines
District Seven

Boredom. It crept through Avaryl Pines like a disease. Her house was empty and had been all day since early this morning when her mom left for the day, and it was safe to assume she wouldn't be back until late. This was how it was 95% of the time, expect on those rare occasions she didn't have to work her ass off for a living to support themselves. And while Av never really minded the emptiness that her house usually exuded today it was just unbearable. She needed to move, she needed to get out and as she sat there all she could feel was the overwhelming heaviness of cabin fever setting in.

Avaryl grabbed her bag and threw on her shoes and scurried through the door, not looking back or not even really thinking when she would be back at all. District seven was large, probably one of the larger districts in Panem and certainly pretty spread out. There were so many possibilities on where to go, bit she wasn't sure where to go. The options seemed endless, there was the forest where she could enjoy a quiet enough walk, or sit in the sometimes abandoned tree house that everyone kind of claimed as their official 'hangout spot.' Though the more she thought on that prospect the more she began to hate it. It would basically be doing exactly what she left her house to try and avoid, sitting in an empty house.

So Avaryl nixed the idea, deciding instead to try her luck in the bustling city like parts of the district. Or at least as bustling as District 7 was gonna get. Av likes the upper district the most, it was home to most of the traders and she liked to just sit around and people watch or catch a glimpse of something interesting. This was also where you could get away with a little mischief as well. Approaching a booth with some fruit and stuff stocked Avaryl decided to walk innocently by. Looking over the wares she grazed her hand over an apple and turned away, looking down at the other end. After a few minutes she walked away, hand in the pocket if the large sweater she was wearing, nonchalantly putting one foot in front of the other. Once she was a sufficient distance away she brought her hand out, revealing in it a shiny red apple and brought it to her lips, her eyes closed as she savored the taste. That was when it hit her, like a brick wall. A mass in front of her stopped her progression and pushed her back a little. She cursed under her breath before she even had a chance to react and the apple dropped from her hands to the floor below. "Shit," her words exited her mouth between her teeth, well there went that treat.

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Take me down to the paradise city ---- [open]
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