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 Aurore's babes / characters c:

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PostSubject: Aurore's babes / characters c:   Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:28 am

Name: Adrienne Belmonte
Age/Birthday: September 1st, and she is 16.
Gender: Female
District: 11
Rich or Poor: Poor
Weapon Of Choice: Throwing knives.
Physical Appearance: Adrienne is short, standing at only 5' 1'. She is rather chubby, compared to alot of others from her district. She has dark olive skin, and bright wide green eyes. Her hair is a dark red brown, and very curly, usually helf up in a red ponytail.
Personality: (Must be at least 4 real sentences.) Addy may seem sweet and harmless, but she is very defensive of her friends, and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She is not afraid of anything, and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is not weak in any sense, despite her baby-faced looks. She is an optimist, and can be seen as a cheerleader of sorts.
Flaw: (At least 1) She can be too trusting of others, and she is not the best at running or staying hidden.
Talents: (Must list three, but no more than five) She is a great cook, and can make food out of very little, and knows plants and animals well. She is more of a jack-of-all-trades, not really having a specific fighting area she excels in, she is mediocre to alright at just about everything, save for throwing knives, which she can do alright, while she is not the best. She is also a 'likeable' person, her sweet innocence played to her advantage, showing her true side in the arena.
Family: (Mother, father, siblings [if any.]) Angela Belmonte, and Romanus Belmonte. She has a younger brother, Luciano.
Pets: (Optional) She did have a pet mouse, but it got killed by her mother, who didn't know she had it in the house.
Brief History: (Must be at least 4 sentences.) Addie was born in District 11, to her two parents, and later, her brother was born. Her mother worked in the hospitals and her father worked in the fields. One of Adriennes first memories, was following her dad to work as a child, and stealing a small baby tomato, away from the peacekeepers that supervised. Her dad was a 'troublemaker' of the district, and was frequently punished in the public. She learned a bit more about cooking, making him a warm stew, after being shackled to a cold post in the dead of winter. Adrienne would help out around the kitchens of the hospitals, for a small wage, though she wasn't the main income for her family.
Preferred Angles: (Innocent, Sexy, Mysterious.. etc..) Innocent and Cute, more of a pitiful sob story face.
Angles this tribute will not do: (Max. 3) Hmmm. I would say something 'brutish', she doesn't seem to pull it off well.
Token: (Optional) Her token is a small bracelet, with her name 'ADDY' and a tomato charm.
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PostSubject: Re: Aurore's babes / characters c:   Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:16 am

Hi! Welcome to the site! Smile I'm Rainy, as I said in your introduction topic, and we're very excited to have you here. Let's take a look at your first character.

Okay, so, the only problem I see with Adrienne is that she has a lot of talents, and no explanation of how a poor girl in District 11 got decent with almost every weapon. I understand that she's not the best with each weapon, which is good, but it is in addition to kind of a lot of other talents, so if you could take one or two of those off, that would be great.

Please take these suggestions into consideration, edit your character, post when you've updated her, and someone will come along and accept your character! Razz
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Aurore's babes / characters c:
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