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 Viva La Revolution! (EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT! Please read.)

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PostSubject: Viva La Revolution! (EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT! Please read.)   Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:30 pm


Many of you know this is coming, but it's taken a bit of time to work out. Now, we've decided that the time has come, and hopefully plenty of you will join us. This is not our first event, but it is the first major plotted one. This event will register as canon, so anything that happens during the event happened in your characters' pasts. Characters can die in this event, and they will remain dead after the event. Don't worry, none of your characters will be killed off without your permission unless they're in the Games. What is this mysterious event, you ask, if you didn't read the title of this topic?

It's time for a revolution.

Yes, that's right, THG will be having our very own revolution! If you've noticed the new site design, we tried to reflect that. (Speaking of the revamped site design, let us know whether you like it better this way or wish we would change it back. Feel free to post in this topic or PM me. We aim to please.) Before I continue, I would like to note that this is a revolution/rebellion that must FAIL. There may be a few changes, but the districts and Games situation will continue. Please keep that in mind.

The structure of this rebellion will be as such:

Beginning in District 12 with Lupa's characters, a revolution will begin. This revolution will spread to all the other districts, where one or two characters per district will be in charge of the revolution. Everyone in the district can be affected by the revolution, though you may also choose to not involve certain characters if you wish. The characters that lead the revolution in each district will be played not only by staff, but also by all of you members! Depending on how many participants we have, one or two members can control what happens in one or two districts during this revolt. We do ask that you consult with us before any major plot events, but other than that, it's all pretty much up to you.

In order to choose which characters will lead the revolution in each district, we will be posting a topic shortly with an application. You simply fill out the application and post it in the topic, and we will pick district rebel leaders based on the apps. It's not completely first come first serve, but we're not going to be excessively picky, so post early for a better chance at getting a spot. You may use an existing character or make a new character to use as a leader. As leader, you must create topics doing rebellious acts, create plots within the district that include other characters, and generally attempt to overthrow the Capitol. Characters that are not leaders can still be heavily involved in the rebellion. For example, Lupa is leading the District 12 rebellion, but my character is heavily involved in that plot as a betrayer, and other character might also have a large part to play. Get as intense as you can with plotting (think rebels, anti-revolutionists, spies, violence, drama, splitting families apart, etc.) and have as much fun as possible!

Warning: characters involved in the revolution may be punished by the Capitol. For the next Games or two, depending on how the timeline goes, revolutionary characters will have a much higher chance of being reaped. They may also be executed (with your permission, of course) or imprisoned, or have family members killed. This will be an on-going event with no set end date, but it will eventually fail. If you have any other ideas for the revolution event, please let us know via PM or a post in this topic because we would love to hear them!

Applications to lead the revolution and preliminary events and plots leading up to the revolution will begin now, but the actual fighting/burning/rebelling will not take place just yet. Make some characters you'd love to see revolt, forge some relationships to destroy or strengthen, and start whispering in dark alleys that change is coming. Get excited and spread the word!

That's all for now, folks. We apologize for the excessive Games length and the length of this topic. We're in the final two/three, so they should be over very soon. Thank you for all your patience and get ready for the revolution of a lifetime!!!

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Viva La Revolution! (EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT! Please read.)
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