The Hunger Games
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The Hunger Games

Welcome to Panem! We are a role playing forum that is starting from the first games.
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 Is this thing on?

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PostSubject: Is this thing on?   Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:01 am

That marks the end of the 38th Games!

After long battles, not so rated tunnels of love, house of mirrors stealing your soul and kids singing for your death, a victor has emerged and his name is Dane Zelker from District 10, played by our fabulous Ari! Do give her your congratulations and salute her for her last games and the fun times in the past Games she had a part to play in. Also not forgetting Rainy, with Auralee Browning from District 6 who came on second, Nix, with Leon Holt from District 5 in third, Kitzi with Luna Kim from District 4 who came in fourth, and of course all of you guys who took part in the games! As long and torturous as it was (I keep lying to myself that the length was part of the torture I intended), Chii hopes that you've at least enjoyed one part of the Games, and I'll learn from this one to make it better c': I is bad GM

But alas, the length of the games has a price to pay, the price of small talk behind your back, whispers in the back of an alley, and the price of courage brewing.

Join the talk, join the rising.

Mark our words, we will be ready. Are you?

The Staff


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Is this thing on?
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