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The Hunger Games

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 We Stay Up Late And Draw The Lines To Every Constellation (Open)

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PostSubject: We Stay Up Late And Draw The Lines To Every Constellation (Open)   Sat Dec 05, 2015 2:22 pm

Ivory had been in the housing district tonight. Meanwhile she didn't really live in the housing area she came for the young children. They would always do at least one fun thing a week. This week they were going to watch some constellations. There was a small hill near the houses and she set up some blankets for the children to sit on and ever laid some out for them to wrap up in, in case they got cold. Soon enough the kids came running in and they sat down. It put a smile on Ivory's face as she saw the little kids sit down and saw their excitement.

Ivory sat at the very top of the hill so she could watch over all the children. At the start she told them to watch for what was known as the big dipper and she told them how to find it. They were all gazing up at the night sky looking for it and giggling. Ivory just stayed up on the top watching down and smiling at their enjoyment.
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We Stay Up Late And Draw The Lines To Every Constellation (Open)
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