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 I love this Public Display of "Affection"

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PostSubject: I love this Public Display of "Affection"   Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:24 am

I look up as my brothers both got down from the large cart. Shay and Henry were both playing around and being stupid and idiotic like usual. I blew out some air and helped Henry as he almost stumbled and fell on his back, "You both are to Stupid for this. What in the Panem do you possibly think you're doing! Climbing carts." I shook my head and walked inbetween them as we made our way to the center of our district. "Mum would have your heads on a cheese cake if she knew about that." I giggled at the thought of cheese cake and my brother Shay started teasing me about it, "You hungry? If you stop nagging and don't tell mom. I mean we could strike a deal..." he stole a sideway glance at me and continued on. Now he was just walking funny in my opinon. One foot infront of the other immitating how I walked except, he placed his hands behind his back. I rolled my eyes and nodded my head for him to continue, "... then we should? Right. Henry what do you think? Wanna buy her a slice of cake at the bakery for her silence and something else on the side lines?" Henry smiled wide and nodded, "Yeah I think thats a awesome plan. We should go with it as far as I'm concerned. And if you have what I have in mind then we're cool bro."

I ate silently and watched my brothers as they checked out the displays of breads for Mum. I wonder what they planned to have me do? Probably something humiliating that girls my age wouldn't be caught dead doing. I shrugged and continued to eat savoring the cake. Later I had work to do at the dress and tuxedo shop. I was an expert on exotic gowns and party dresses and loved to pick out colors and help decorate. Looking around at the different people today in the street some of the girls and boys my age were hanging around here today. Wonder if I'll recognize one of them.
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I love this Public Display of "Affection"
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