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 Kaplan's Character

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PostSubject: Kaplan's Character   Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:27 pm

Name: Blaire Kaplan

Age/Birthday: 15

Gender: Female

District: 3

Family: Mother (37 at death, Deceased), Father (43, Living), Sister (11, Emily, Living), Sister (11, Samantha, Living), Sister (19, Cassandra, Living), Sister (Sapphire, 15 at death, Deceased)

Brief History: Blaire, having to assist her older sister by taking care of the family while she is working, has a rather hard day every day. She has to get up at around 6 am to get food ready for her sisters. She heads off to school and has to bring her sisters to school as well. When she gets home she goes out to the garden in her backyard and has to check on and care for the food. She prepares a snack for the girls when she is done. She doesn't have much time for herself except on the weekends when she normally hangs out with her best friend Lilly.

Blaire has a very big family that she has been living with all her life. Her mother passed away 4 years ago and this devestated Blaire. Her father is rarely around but when he is it's only for a few hours on Saturdays. It's gotten worse sinse. Her sister was chosen in the reaping a few years before her mother died and didn't survive. Ever sinse her death Blaire has been wearing her old ruby necklace.

Blaire's sister Cassie has been bringing home very little food lately. Only once a week. Normally she brings home bread or cheese that she traded for whatever she could find. Cassie can't get out much though because of working in the factories. That's why she brings home less. At least that's what Blaire was told. Blaire watches the Hunger Games only when someone she knows is in them. Otherwise she can't bear to watch. Ocassionally her mother would make her watch but now she decides for herself.

Physical Appearance: Blaire is a rather tall girl with firey red shoulder length hair and striking blue eyes. She is rather skinny around the wrists but otherwise normal sized for her age. One of her legs is much shorter than the other, causing her to not be able to walk straight. She has a very firm grip. Blaire is a moderately pale girl. She tends to dress very girly compared to her two younger sisters and older sister. With the long legs she has she can't seem to find many pairs of pants that fit, resulting in her wearing skirts a lot.

Blaire appears as if she doesn't really belong in her family if you compared her to anyone else in her family. Being about six feet tall makes her stand out pretty well. Blaire always wears the necklace that used to belong to her sister. It's a red ruby in the shape of a circle. It's strung on a golden chain. She has not taken it off sinse the day her sister died.

Personality: Blaire is a very shy, quiet girl and often called a bookworm when she is around people she doesn't know well. She's quickwitted and good with her hands but can't seem to put a book down. She is a very caring girl that takes care of her two younger sisters. She is always willing to take a hit for somone else. She rarely disobeys the rules herself though. Or so she says.

Blaire has only ever had one boyfriend and she was very determined to do whatever she could to keep him happy. She feels lonely now that they broke up. She puts loads of effort into everything she does and it always seems to show through. She is not very athletic but is a rather good tree climber. She is rather good with wiring and building things but will sometimes cause a fire in the process if she isn't helped. She can also get pretty angry if provoked.

Often Blaire would procrastinate when it came to her school work. She is not very confident in herself but she would give her life for another. She protects her cat and sibilings as if they are her own children. She is very grateful that her sister can get her family food, because she isn't very good at it herself. She tries her best to do whatever she can to help. Some people don't seem to like her because she tends to brag- a lot.

Flaw: Procrastinator, Bragger, and Somewhat Sensative.

Pets: Calico cat named Jasmine

Rich or Poor?: Average

Weapon of Choice: Dagger

Talents: Drawing, Singing, and Making Friends

Preferred Angles (Innocent, Sexy, Mysterious.. etc..): Strong, Funny, Intimidating and Confident.

Angles this tribute will not do (Max. 3): Weak, Sexy, and Pitiful.

Other: Her sister Sapphire died in an earlier Hunger Games. Her Mother died resisting punishment from the PeaceKeepers.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaplan's Character   Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:46 pm

Nice last name Very Happy my moms last name

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Kaplan's Character
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