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 The Happy Place (Dem's characters c:)

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PostSubject: The Happy Place (Dem's characters c:)   Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:53 am

kaspar sammel locke,
    "i've stolen all the stars
    to make a wish we can fly
    away a way up high
    to that old place in time
    where our pictures never fade"

cheated by the opposite of love
H E L D - O N - H I G H - F R O M - U P - U P - U P - A B O V E !
    name: Kaspar Sammel Locke
    gender: Male
    age: Sixteen, 23 July
    district: One
    playby: Jakob Wiechmann

got my high from the second one
G O T - M Y - E Y E - O N - T H E - F I R S T - O N E !

    Old Rolf (Rolf Locke) - Rolf's son was killed in the revolution that begun the Hunger Games. Ever since he has quietly nursed a hatred of the Hunger Games and the Capitol it represents, biding his time until an opportunity to get back at them came up. Kaspar is his opportunity

    Ma (Else Locke) - Born five years before the revolution, Else was just old enough to remember when her brother was killed. The grief she felt was never translated into anger like Rolf's and instead she retreated into herself, barely seeming to interact with the world. Kaspar's father didn't stick around long enough to see him born.

    physical appearance: Hovering around six foot in height, Kaspar is tall however you look at it. Coal black hair clings to his scalp and is in a tangle almost as often as it is kept tightly combed. He carries himself lightly and fluidly, his build more lithe and wiry than anything else. Deep dark eyes stare out from a face that shows the signs of constant exposure to the elements.

take these rings & stow them
S A F E - A W A Y ! W E A R - T H E M - O N - A N O T H E R - R A I N Y - D A Y !

    personality: You have never known life until you have stood beneath the canopy of trees and watched as rain seeped through from the heavens. Until you have stood in the face of a storm to cow even the bravest sailor and felt its stinging fingers claw at your face and bare your soul to the elements. The sleet cold and unforgiving, lashing at your feet and obscuring the surroundings from view. You don't know what snow is, real snow, until you have spent the night outside in the blackest winter sky you've ever seen and watched as powdery flakes turned into slush that entombed your legs. Soup is only a meal until you have come back gasping, your heart pounding and stomach cramping with hunger and been served a soup made from the sweat of God, with bread so thickly slathered with butter it collapses the moment it enters your mouth. Your very being has been a lie until you have seen all this and known what it is to truly live. I have lived and as much as twists in my gut, I am made to kill.

i'm taka-taka-taka-taking it off
A N D - H E ' S - T A K A - T A K A - T A K A - T A K A - T A K I N ' - I T - O F F !
    flaw: Even though his Grandpa has trained him to kill, Kaspar's stomach twists at the thought of being responsible for the deaths of others.
    rich or poor: Poor.
    pets: In his secret place out the back of his house Kaspar keeps a white kitten called Cat. His grandpa would be just as likely to ask him to kill it as to let him keep it, so Kaspar keeps a close eye on her.
    weapon of choice: Double-bladed spear.
    - Talented with double-bladed spear as both a melee and ranged weapon.
    - Wood-carver.
    - Can make a damn good soup.
    - Knows basic outdoors survival craft.

    preferred angles: Serious. Determined. Confident.
    angles tribute won't do: Bloodthirsty. Innocent. Cruel.
    history: I parted the dead brambles with the ease of years of practise, revealing the entrance of the tunnel. It wasn't a long tunnel, but over the last few years I'd grown considerably and now the bushes were starting to claw at my clothing. I shimmied through the tunnel on my belly, one hand brushing any twigs out of the way as I passed them. It was good to get out of the house, especially today of all days. Rolf was in one of his moods again and Ma had retreated into a corner to tremble away with her knitting, as usual. She'd lost more than a brother when Sammel died, she'd lost her character too. I could be a six foot tall wardrobe for all the attention she gave me. Not that we had a wardrobe.

    I jumped lightly to my feet as I reached the end of the tunnel, my hands moving automatically to my back to ease the pain of contorting my body through the entrance tunnel. It might have been sore, but it was worth it to enter this, my den. It was the one place I could get some privacy from my family. A valuable commodity when you lived in a one room hovel. The den was hidden behind a mound of bushes out the back of our house, a few lonely trees standing a forlorn lookout above it all. Beneath the tangle of brambles and nettles was a natural cavern that contained, for some odd reason, a bath. I don't know whether the previous occupant had a thing for outdoor bathing, but the bath made a perfect place to lie down. If things were really bad in the house it also wasn't too bad as a bed. But the main use it had got over the past few months was a kitten enclosure. I'd found the little white cat caught in the entrance bramble, her white fur slick with mud and a little blood from a cut in her shoulder. Despite a voice in the back of my head - Rolf's voice - saying I should leave it to die or better yet, put it out of it's misery, I'd taken it with me to the den and done my best not to kill it. A harder task than you might think considering I've been trained my whole life to hate and kill with ease.

    Oh look at that. We're onto the topic of the Hunger Games. Everything in my life, even Cat (Yes. That's her name.) links back to the Hunger Games. I wouldn't be surprised if the only reason I was born was so my Grandpa could use me to get revenge on the Capitol. He's got some kind of twisted plan that he'll get revenge on the Capitol for Sammel's death by getting them to pay for him to live in comfort. I'm his ticket to the big time.

    I'll do it too. It's not like I have a choice and at least winning the Hunger Games will let me get out of my life. Come to think of it, losing it will get me out of my life as well. It'll get me out of life period.

    Lucky I don't lose.

i'm bigger than the sound
I - T H I N K - T H A T - I ' M - B I G G E R - T H A N - T H E - S O U N D !
credit to DEAN from CHB for the template. shot dean :]
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PostSubject: Re: The Happy Place (Dem's characters c:)   Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:21 am

Kaspar is really well done! (: Accepted!
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The Happy Place (Dem's characters c:)
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