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 Private Session Scores/ Interviews!

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PostSubject: Private Session Scores/ Interviews!   Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:36 am

Alright everyone, first on the list is the Private Session Scores, listed in order of District, Boy First, Girl Second:

District 1:
Kaspar Locke: 4
Snow Blue: 6

District 2:
Chaos Chaucer: 11
Heppa Duskdale: 8

District 3:
Josh Faraday: 7
Goldie Miller(NPC): 4

District 4:
Skye Walker: 9
Megan Shard: 5

District 5:
Jeremy Click(NPC): 6
Rhea Glass: 6

District 6:
Sky Peterson: 5
Cricket Harris(NPC): 3

District 7:
Jake Jones: 4
Willow Glider(NPC): 8

District 8:
Alistair Chiffon(NPC): 5
Genevieve Smith: 7

District 9:
Seeder Torres(NPC): 6
Frank Everton(NPC): 2

District 10:
Brandon Tim: 6
Ashley Equine: 6

District 11:
Gemini Twen: 7
Bluebell Delaney(NPC): 5

District 12:
Claudius Voltaire(NPC): 5
Maria Dezlin: 8


So, interviews start now. You can start it by asking any staff member to put up a topic and that staff member will be Caesar Flickerman for you. The post limit for interviews is 10 posts by the interviewer and the interviewee, at that point the interviewer ends the interview.

Interviews go for today and tomorrow, so get busy!.



Joshua Shramp, 19, District 4
Christopher Terrn, 6, District 2

Jacob Barker, 24, District 7, 26th Games
Rafe Terrn, 25, District 2, 29th Games
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Private Session Scores/ Interviews!
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