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The Hunger Games

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 Walking Past the Factory

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PostSubject: Walking Past the Factory   Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:13 pm

I walk home from hunting in the forest, with people rushing by next to me. It was about the time that men got home from working, so it makes sense. They all look tired and hungry, mom's probably reading dinner back at home. It'll probably be done when i get back, or at least pretty close. Maybe she can add some of these birds I shot in the forest, she loves my catchings. I then see my friend, and he gives me a nod. 'Hey Fletch.' He says to me. And I smile. "Hey." 'How's it going?' "Pretty good I guess." 

I see a person standing nearby, yet sorta keeping their distance. I turn my head looking at the person. 'Alright, well I gotta run.' "Bye."I say back to my friend, turning my head back to him. I flash him a smile and give him a nod. Then my head turns back to the distant person, and I approach them. The person was staring at me, kinda odd. "Heya." I say and lean against a brick wall holding up a side of the lumber factory.
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PostSubject: Re: Walking Past the Factory   Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:30 pm

Aurora was slumped down on the ground her back pressed up against the brick wall. She was applying more pressure to her forearm where she had cut it open working only a few moments ago, luckily it was the end of her shift. She didn’t work in the factories often, only when her family was short on money. This injury wasn’t going to help if she had to go to a doctor for it. “Stop bleeding,” she whispered. She wondered if she’d make it home before she passed out.

She heard a voice and starred up unable to focus. She didn’t speak out fear she would let out whimper, groan or cry. She wouldn’t do any of those in public unless she was dying. She couldn’t believe how much she could bleed being so small, it seemed to keep going for the youngest of time but seemed like it was slowing. Starting at a bloody bandage doesn’t bother her but a sider crawling up the wall next to her head does. She shoots away from the crawling critter.

"Who are you?" she was able to croak out without crying or whimpering. Maybe it was the pain that was keeping her from expressing emotions but she didn't mind it. Emotions bothered her more then pain did. Emotion was unpredictable unlike pain.
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Walking Past the Factory
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