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 Seven Devils - Rainy Pie's Character Warehouse

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PostSubject: Seven Devils - Rainy Pie's Character Warehouse   Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:54 pm

Welcome, Guest! My name is Rainy Pie (although I might be listed as 'Madge' right now), but you may call me by a nickname, past usernames, any variant of either of those, or anything you like! This is my character topic, where all my lovely characters can be found! If a character that you are looking for is not here, they're probably in my old character topics, such as Rainy Pie's TARDIS, Bluebell's Character Garden, Rainbow Cat's Characters, and any variant of such. If it has one of those three usernames, it's probably mine. Razz Currently, this thread will hold all Capitol characters, but only active district characters, though I might add inactives later. Feel free to scroll through my characters and PM me if you want to RP with them or have any questions!


    ⚜️   Anabelle Crawford, 17, Female, District 4 *⚜️   Violet Fletcher, 17, Female, District 10 *⚜️   Honeysuckle "Honey" Acres, 18, Female, District 1 *⚜️   Peppermint Harrington, 17, Female, District 7 *⚜️   Janie Holmes, 16, Female, District 6 *⚜️   Evelyn "Evie" Northwood, 19, Female, District 5⚜️   Mitzi Harp, 27, Female, The Capitol (Sponsor)⚜️   Velvet La Roux, 37, Female, The Capitol/D1 (D1 Mentor)⚜️   Katya Phoenix Caraway, 24, Female, The Capitol/D5 (Former D5 Mentor)⚜️   Belladonna Lilith Uccello, 28, Female, The Capitol (Gamemaker)


    ⚜️   Atticus Romanov, 17, Male, District 1, PENDING DELETION⚜️   Frey Loxley, 16, Male, District 2, PENDING DELETION⚜️   Luce Taylor, 17, Female, District 2⚜️   Ava Eldridge, 15, Female, District 3⚜️   Jenna Northwood, 16, Female, District 5⚜️   Kiernan Sterling, 17, Male, District 8, PENDING DELETION⚜️   Willa Sheppard, 14, Female, District 11, PENDING DELETION⚜️   Eirlys Le Fayn, 21, Female, The Capitol (Stylist)⚜️   Cheshire "Chess" Tamillo, 25, Female, The Capitol (Stylist)


    ⚜️   A D12 girl for the games, 18, portrayed by Tatiana Maslany⚜️   A D1 girl for the games, 17, portrayed by Candice Swanepoel⚜️   Lottie Anderson, character sheet below, just needs district⚜️   Coming Soon (might not be up to date)⚜️   Coming Soon (might not be up to date)


    ⚜️   Star Caelum, Dead at 13, Female, District 6 (27th Games)⚜️   Heather Mace, Dead at 17, Female, District 7 (29th Games)⚜️   Cedar Alderfain, Dead at 18, Male, District 11 (31st Games)⚜️   Valerie Royal, Dead at 17, Female, District 3 (32nd Games)

Any pictures or GIF's that are accompanying my characters were not created/taken by me and are not owned by me. Actually, pretty much none of the pictures in this thread belong to me. This HTML code was made by me with much help from Sapphire's tutorial on CHB, although I am not currently a member there. The picture I used as a basis for the code (because I am not very good with HTML code and wanted to mix it with a pre-made image) was created by me, so please do not steal it. (Although I don't think you'd want something that says 'Rainy Pie's Characters' on it anyway.) However, the starry background picture under 'Rainy Pie's Characters' does not belong to me. The characters I have written do belong to me, though, so please do not copy/steal them. As for the character templates, some of them are owned by me, some of them are the site's, and some of them were made by other users who gave me permission. If they were made by other users, the users should be credited on the character post. The Fleur De Lis icons come from The title of this thread is a line from the lyrics of the song "Seven Devils" by Florence and the Machine, which I do not own. Please do not post here, as it will clutter up the thread. Thank you, and enjoy my characters!

* takes up a charrie slot

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PostSubject: Re: Seven Devils - Rainy Pie's Character Warehouse   Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:00 pm

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PostSubject: Stylists   Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:03 pm

Full Name: Eirlys Jeanette Le Fane
Age: 21
Birthday: January 18th
Gender: Female
Stylist District: ???

Years as Stylist:3
Preferred District: She has styled for District 11 before, but would be happy with pretty much anything.

Pets:A raven named Corvus, a bunny named Mushu, and a cat named Sissy.

Personality:Eirlys can be described in many short terms: cray-cray, lunatic, fairytales, etc. She has a whimsical, not quite sane view of the world and often speaks in seemingly mindless ridles that, if properly understood, actually make a lot of sense. She just doesn't communicate well. Eirlys views everything as a fairytale. She weaves tales under what really happens to keep herself from feeling anything too upsetting, although she doesn't dwell on the reason.

Appearance:Eirlys has the widest, droopist blue eyes you've ever seen, and long black lashes to frame them. Her skin is a pale peach color, and her hair is light blonde. It flows past her shoulders and down to her waist, sometimes curly, sometimes wavy, sometimes straight. Her lips are heart-shaped, and she is very tall and skinny.

Playby: Allison Harvard




Full Name: Cheshire "Chess" Anais Tamillo
Age: 26
Birthday: May 12nd
Gender: Female
Stylist District: ???

Years as Stylist: 4
Preferred District: Chess was the District 8 Stylist last year, which she adored. She previously had District 9.

Pets: She has had many over the years, but her current pet is a tiny little lizard named Speck. Speck is usually found clinging to on of Chess's fingers with his little feet and tail wrapped around it.

Personality: Chess is innocent and completely naive. She is very optimistic, but can be ditsy. The oddest thing about Cheshrie is her strange genius. She can rattle off academic facts like a tape recorder, doing hours of math problems in a second, but she has no street smarts or common sense whatsoever. Chess is a big dreamer, and often falls prety to general but inspiring words or phrases such as 'our future' or 'believe'. She cares deeply for each and every tribute she styles, and has a bubbly, vivacious personality.

Appearance: Chess has sun-kissed, light tan skin and an average body type. Her eyes are a lovely dark brown that sparkle in the light, and her teeth are very white. She has a round face and a comforting look to her. Chess's hair is brown, and falls in soft waves to her chest. She looks like a sweetheart, and she is.

Playby: Jenna-Louise Coleman



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PostSubject: Mentors   Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:05 pm

Full Name: George Wilson Kettleback
Age: 50
Birthday: December 21st
Gender: Male

Age When They Won the Games:18
District: 2
How They Won the Games:George was in his prime during the games, and had plenty of training. He's smart, a problem-solver, and most importantly, he didn't get attached to other people. The sponsors liked his snarky remarks, but in the final two battle, he suffered from severe damage to his leg. The capital repaired most of it, but during the recovery process he got addicted to painkillers. He still gets pain in his leg and takes way too many pills.

Pets:George has a pet rat named Stalin.

Personality:George is a rationalist who cares more about figuring people out than their health or safety. He used to be more athletic, but now he's had time to focus on his notable intelligence. He notices a lot of things that other people don't, but he's often grumpy nowadays. George is manipulative and doesn't have a whole lot of conscience. He lies all the time and doesn't have a moral problem with it, and believes that everybody lies all the time as well. George is rude, sarcastic, sassy, and snarky, and has serious issues with authority. He's a pain to be around, but he's kind of a genius and he can give you some real help if you can stand him.

Appearance:George is quite a tall man at 6'2", and has a somewhat skinny but healthy build with some muscle, though not as much as in his younger days. He has light skin with some wrinkles and lines on it, but not much in the way of freckles or blemishes. George's hair, formerly medium brown, has grayed with age and has a bit of a salt-and-pepper look to it sometimes. His eyes are an incredibly bright blue and set off his features well. He nearly always has significant stubble on his face, but keeps his hair cropped fairly short.

Playby: Hugh Laurie




Full Name: Carissa Alexis Kent
Nickname(s): Just Carissa, although her full name is often preceded by something like 'Panem's Sweetheart'
Age: 27, almost 28
Birthday: December 30th
Gender: Female

Age When They Won the Games:12
District: 1
How They Won the Games:When little 12-year-old Carissa Kent volunteered for the 20th Hunger Games, District 1 was a bit surprised. They had volunteers all the time, but they were usually older or at least more tough looking. Carissa left with a bright smile and a wave and when she made it to the Capitol, they loved her. With her cute little dimples and wide, innocent eyes, she quickly became one of the most popular tributes in her Games. She excelled at the interviews, adored for her youth and adorableness, and gained a mighty following, but people didn't think she'd actually survive in the Games. Carissa got a respectable training score of 7, having shown her prowess with throwing knives and poisons, and was soon rising up to the arena with a nervous smile. The arena that year was a large fjord with forested mountains on either sides. She was allowed with the careers because they thought her popularity might mean sponsors and because of her district privilege. As the number of other tributes dwindled after a series of career attacks, she manipulated them from the inside, telling each career lies about the other careers. She seemed innocent and trustworthy enough, so they believed her and ended up killing and betraying one another. By this point in the Games, there were only three other tributes left, and one of them would soon die from his injuries. She had learned how to hold her breath underwater for a fairly long time from the District 4 girl, who had been part of the careers and had a soft spot for her, so she hid under the surface of the fjord when the remaining District 9 girl went to forage for food by the edge, stabbed her and managed to drag her under. The smell of blood attracted some mutts in the fjord and they devoured the District 9 girl. Carissa made it out of the water and used the sound of 9's cannon to her advantage. She saw the boy from 5, the final remaining tribute, coming out of the forest, so she mussed herself up a little and lay down on the beach, far enough from the mutts but close enough that the hovercraft might look like it was coming for her. He thought she was dead and snuck over to her to try and steal some of her sponsor-given weapons and good, and she surprised him. Carissa tried to jam her knife into his gut, but he realized what she was doing a second earlier and blocked, pushing her closer to the water. She was almost eaten by a lunging fish-like-reptilian mutt from the fjord but she ducked and due to her small size, the District 5 boy was injured instead. She then threw her knives at him as he was battling the mutt and one of them got him in the neck. He died as he killed the mutt, leaving her the winner of the 20th Games. Her fame in the Capitol grew, and to maintain her more innocent image, she had some interviews where she talked about trauma and regret and justifying their deaths. As she grew older, though, her cuteness turned into beauty and she only avoided working as an escort for the Capitol by pointing out that she wanted to preserve her 'good girl' image. This only worked completely for a few years, though, and she now attends Capitol parties in sexy but appropriate dresses and flirts with rich Capitol citizens but doesn't go any farther than that. She actually enjoys many Capitol parties and doesn't mind her station as the Capitol's sweetheart. Carissa has created her own fashion line, as victors often have to have jobs after the Games, and does a ton of interviews and publicity. She's sometimes called 'Panem's Sweetheart' but she's really more of the Capitol's sweetheart.

Pets:Carissa has a fluffy ragdoll cat named Angel that she got  as a gift from her parents when she won the Games. Angel is also kind of famous within the Capitol.

Personality:Carissa is a nice enough person when you get to meet her. She's sweet and flirty and clever and knows how to manipulate people and get her way. She's much smarter than she lets on and can be very convincing. She has a killer fashion sense and great people skills. She is diplomatic and friendly, not afraid to be sexy, and confident in herself but not too overly cocky. She's trained even more since her Games days, partially to stay in shape, partially for fun, and partially just in case she needs to use violence instead of her appearance. Carissa can be fierce, but most of the time she's fun and almost bubbly, and is nearly always flashing a million dollar smile.

Appearance:Carissa is a beautiful young woman, with sunkissed, flawless skin helped by beauty products from the Capitol and from her own district. She is tall at 5'8", but not out of the ordinary, and has a quite slender but curvy/voluptuous build. Her hair is a warm medium brown color, and falls to her chest in loose, bouncy waves with perfect silky shine. She has personal stylists who do it for her most of the time, but she knows how to do it herself. Carissa's eyes are a lovely true-blue color, and slightly wide-set. She has a round/square face shape with a relatively wide jawline and adorable dimples when she smiles, as well as carefully applied makeup that enhances her natural features and makes her look as gorgeous as possible.

Playby: Miranda Kerr (Rc had her for ages but she never used her and she's inactive now and besides she's a mentor anyway not a district charrie)




Full Name: Juliet Elena Montahue
Nickname(s): Jules, JJ, JT, or just Juliet- she's had a lot over the years.
Age: 33
Birthday: January 1st
Gender: Female

Age When They Won the Games:13
District: 10
How They Won the Games:Juliet was very lucky in her Games. The GM's decided it would be a Games where the only weapons were different types of guns and had a maze arena, so it was sort of like lazer-tag, except, you know, the dying part. Juliet's father's best friend was a peacekeeper, who taught her all about guns, so she hid in a corner and shot at everyone who passed by Eventually, she made it to the final five, where one tribute got lost and starved to death, and the two killed each other in battle. The final guy thought he had won, but she pushed a wall over on him and he was crushed to death.

Pets:Juliet has a Samoyed puppy named Garcia.

Personality:Juliet is sweet, but she's not a pushover. She has a 4 year old boy named Henry who she loves more than almost anything, and has been happily married for 7 years to a wonderful husband, William. She is very protective of children because of this and makes emotional connections with a lot of her tributes. Jules is usually a calm, even-tempered person, but if her kid is in trouble , all hell breaks loose. Juliet is trustworthy and good with people. She is intelligent and kind, with a likeable, friendly demeanor and a fairly strong belief in doing the right thing whenever possible.

Appearance:Jules is relatively average height, at 5'6", and has a slender but athletic build. She has chest-length blonde hair that she usually considers straight, although from time to time it gets a bit of a wave in it. Her eyes are blue, and she has fair skin. Juliet is pretty and likes to keep herself in shape, so she has some muscle to her. She usually dresses in clothes you would wear to work that looks professional but not too fancy for everyday wear.

Playby: AJ Cook



Full Name: Velvet La Roux
Age: 37
Birthday: August 21st
Gender: Female

Age When They Won the Games:14
District: 1
How They Won the Games:Velvet is a fighter. She was in a powerful career group, convinced them to hunt the other powerful non-careers first to get the threats out of the way, then killed them when they were asleep and got through the remaining weaklings pretty quickly.

Pets:Velvet doesn't have much time for a lot of pets, but she does keep an young hedgehog named Stanley because he freaks people out, which she likes.

Personality:Velvet is very sarcastic. She is straight-forward and sometimes end up offending someone, but she just shrugs it off. It has been a long time since she won the Games, but the most recent victor ended up getting a job in the Capitol, so she stepped up out of boredom and disappointment that a District One tribute hadn't won in a while. Velvet likes to piss people off. She has a wry sense of humor and loves to have a good time. She is somewhat unstructured, but does believe in order. Velvet won a very early Hunger Games, and was young, but alive, when they were first created. She gets pretty into the whole idea for the Games, as when she was there, the Games lasted for about 6th months because the Gamemakers weren't very good at it yet, making the Games the real place where she grew up, got her first boyfriend and first kiss, killed her first animal, and killed that boyfriend later, learning a lot about life from this. She is not as young as she'd like to pretend to be, but is still a bit of a wild card.

Appearance:Velvet is still beautiful, although her lack of youth definitely shows. She has semi-tan peach skin, and a tall, lithely thin body type with a good amount of muscle. Her hair is platinum blonde, straight, and a bit thin. It cuts off somewhere between her shoulders and her stomach, but is never exactly the same. Her eyes are an icy grey-blue and her nose has a sort of pointy feel to it. She is known to have an excellent sense of personal style and does not leave the house without double-checking her outfit in the mirror.

Playby: Gwyneth Paltrow





Katya Phoenix Caraway (She usually goes by her middle name, Phoenix, on formal terms, because she thinks it sounds more dramatic, but she lets her friends call her Katya.)

Current Age
24 (Born June 1st)

Age in the Games



Physical Appearance
Katya has light skin that has been smoothed over by Capitol surgery, and slightly arched eyebrows that make her look either serious, dreamy, or dangerous, depending on the rest of her expression. She has a wiry, bony build, and stands at 5'10" while having barely any meat on her bones. The only thing on her bones is muscle, and even with that, she does not look healthy. She has dark, silky hair with a bit of a wave to it that falls just past her shoulders. Her eyes are a bright silvery-gray, and they look blue is you gaze into them for too long, or green, depending on the light. She's pretty, but in a vague, unnatural way, and she never smiles.

Now, Katya's former semi-happy-go-lucky has been ruined, and she is just plain evil. She won't be openly mean to people, although she is quite stern, but her eyes light up with delight when she watches others die. Her brain is constantly tracing exits, plotting anyway she could possibly kill or be killed, and has gone on auto-survive, so she is usually a little distracted. Phoenix usually thinks people are weak until they prove themselves to be the opposite or she takes pity on them, and knows how to keep on living. The number one thing she tells her tributes is, "Don't be afraid to kill. Nobody else is."

History & How They Won/Emotional Scarring
Ever since birth, Katya had been terrified of the Hunger Games. Later, when she was reaped, her mentor advised her to turn that fear into anger. She found out her mother had become an alcoholic after she (Katya) had been picked, so Katya blamed the Capitol. She began blaming everything on them. In the Hunger Games, she turned the anger she had for the Capitol on her fellow tributes in order to kill them mercilessly. She didn't need skill. She just needed rage. Katya was a decent girl before the Hunger Games: a little bossy, but nice enough. Then, when she was forced to kill her first tribute, something in her mind snapped. She repeatedly stabbed the kid, and would have eaten him if the Capitol ships hadn't dragged the body away. From then on, she was ruthless. If anyone tried to approach her, she would stab them viciously without even listening to whether they wanted to be her ally or kill her. She had become a monster, which eventually led her to win. After winning, she embraced the monster, and now keeps it under control. Still, she has some anger issues, and might just go crazy again if provoked. She is always serious, and never makes jokes or even laughs.

'Phoenix,' as she prefers to be called, is very good at analyzing situations. She'll see a room full of people, look at the surrounding objects, and theorize how she could escape or attack successfully if needed. She's very, very observant, especially regarding facial expressions and tiny details. Phoenix also knows where the vital organs on a human (and most types of aggressive animals) are by heart. Unfortunately, she has a strong lack of emotional control. She is slowly losing her mind, and is super paranoid. She's also rather unsympathetic, and can be is usually mean a little insensitive. She doesn't understand why everyone can't just commit cold-blooded murder in a pinch if she could.

PORTRAYED BY: Katarzyna Dolinska

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PostSubject: Re: Seven Devils - Rainy Pie's Character Warehouse   Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:06 pm

Full Name: Mitzi Harp
Age: 27
Birthday: March 21st
Gender: Female

Pets: A big, lumbering elderly tortoise who follows her around on a bright pink leash she made. His name is Rooshan, but she calls him 'Roo' for short. He is her most prized possession.

Personality: Mitzi is bubbly and eccentric. She lives in her own little world of smiles and rainbows and loves everybody. She loves to laugh and lets her tortoise Roo make many of her important life decisions. Mitzi likes the color pink, sugary foods like bubblegum, and anything mini! Mitzi likes to decorate and has a very… interesting home.

Appearance:Mitzi is average height, with a slender body type, and fair skin. She has cotton-candy pink hair which she loves and has been dyeing since she was 7, although she only started doing it herself without someone’s help when she was about 12. Mitzi has light, mint-green eyes that were originally a slightly greenish hazel, but she had them altered in the Capitol. She loves crazy clothes and bright colors, so her outfits are always eye-catching. She wears a lot of fun makeup and always looks exactly how people imagine the Capitol people to look.

Playby: Audrey Kitching



Full Name: Pippa Iris Davenport
Age: 18
Birthday: September 1st
Gender: Female

Pets: Pippa has two peafowls, a blue-green male peacock with lovely plumage named Augustus, and a white female peahen named Angeline, as well as Angeline's younger brother, a white male called Equinox. She also has a male peregrine falcon named Arc. She's definitely a bird person, and can hire people to take care of her pets for her, so she has a bunch of them.

Personality: Pippa likes to party and have fun. She's a nice enough person, but a bit rebellious and not afraid to stand up for herself. She likes to laugh and have some excitement in her life, although she knows a little comfortable boredom can be good too. She's young, and she's enjoying that youth by making as much of it as she can. Pippa enjoys hanging out with her friends and living the way she believes people were meant to, but she knows when to stop and wouldn't try anything too dangerous. She lives with her mother, and has a brother who lives with her father. Pippa is bisexual and just wants to make the most out of what she has.

Appearance: Pippa's skinny, and on the tall side, at 5'7". Her creamy pale skin sets off her crystal-blue eyes quite nicely, and she has a few tattoos on her body. Pippa's rainbow hair is her favorite part of herself. She's always changing the color combination and hardly ever has a hair color that last for more than a month, usually redyeing it about every two weeks. She takes great care to keep her hair healthy with the constant dying, so it's in pretty good shape. Pippa wears a little makeup, but less than some other people in the Capitol, and has a sense of style somewhere between normal/district wear and the craziest the Capitol has to offer. She likes to wear jewelry, especially rings and has a fairly large collection of them that she adds to all the time, as well as patterned leggings.

Playby: Chloe Norgaard


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PostSubject: Re: Seven Devils - Rainy Pie's Character Warehouse   Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:07 pm


Name: Belladonna Lilith Uccello

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Occupation: Gamemaker

Physical Appearance: Belladonna looks very delicate. She has a waifish figure and narrow limbs. Her hair is a light brown color with steaks of blonde and dark brown that falls in thin waves down her back, cutting off a little past her shoulder-blades. Her skin is fair, with a hint of tan, and her eyes, which are quite wide, gleam in a nice warm-toned brown color. She has more muscle than you’d think, and is average height.

Personality: Belladonna is not as delicate as she appears. She is extensively trained in the martial arts and just about the most evil person you will meet. She adores things that appear to be sweet but bite you in the neck when you're not looking. She loves fairy-tales and messing with people's heads. Belladonna is a bit of a tease. Her name means 'beautiful woman' but is also the name of a deadly plant, and 'Bella' is the Latin word for 'war.' Do not trust her. She can and will kill you in an instant.

FC: Summer Glau

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PostSubject: Re: Seven Devils - Rainy Pie's Character Warehouse   Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:08 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Seven Devils - Rainy Pie's Character Warehouse   Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:08 pm


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

  • b i r t h  --  n a m e :     Honeysuckle "Honey" Sabine Acres
    n i c k n a m e :     She goes by Honey, usually.
    g e n d e r :    Female
    a g e / b i r t h d a y:     17/August 17th
    d i s t r i c t :     1

  • h e i g h t :     5'6"
    w e i g h t :     117 lbs.
    h a i r  --  c o l o u r :    Blonde
    e y e  --  c o l o u r :     Light green

Honey has pale skin, and is a little on the tall side, but not by much. She has a somewhat curvy but very slender build, with some muscle, but not out of the ordinary. Honey's clear light green eyes are her best feature. They are  rather wide, and sometimes look blue. Honey has a heart-shaped face and pink lips. Her hair is somewhere between straight and wavy, flowing to her waist in soft blonde layers. She has no freckles, and finds it difficult to tan. Honey is quite a pretty girl, and has often been told that she looks younger than she is. She usually wears her hair down, and sometimes dries it in braids to make it curly. Honey usually wears bright, dragonfly-like colors and is fond of glitter. She has a comfy but cute style and likes to play up her more casual outfits with a touch of jewelry.

  • h o b b i e s :     Archery, painting, sketching, thinking, activism
    l i k e s :    Art, forests, acting, laughing, smiling, understanding people, dreaming, helping the less fortunate
    d i s l i k e s :     When people are cynical, mean, or boring. She also dislikes normal things like bad hair days or when it's too hot outside. She dislikes a lack of equal rights for all.
    f l a w :    Honey gets caught up in life and can't do anything quickly. She is also easily distracted and gives out trust more freely than she should. Furthermore, she is trying to make the world of Panem a better place, which seems nice, but actually gets her in trouble with peacekeepers more frequently than it helps other people.

Honey is an artist. She's confident, creative, and very idealistic. Honey seeks inspiration from everything, and is known to be intelligent. She sees the world as a beautiful place, and is rather artsy. Honey is an imaginative dreamer who loves to draw her emotions. She believes that people are naturally good, and that, if someone is bad, they can become good. Honey naturally trusts people far too easily, but she's not stupid, and carefully keeps her instincts to believe everything in check. She is neither innocent nor naive, but can still be guilt-tripped into nearly anything, as she is sympathetic towards others. Honey likes to think of herself as enlightened, which other people call 'having your head in the clouds.' She can look at a dead leaf and think of it as so much more than that: the birth and life of a tiny organism in the huge world, fighting to survive, and eventually sacrificing itself to time so that life can go on, whereas most people would just dismiss it and kick it away. Honey is sure of herself, but not overly cocky, and can be considered spiritual. She'll stand up for herself or fight if needed, but she'd usually prefer to forgive and forget if that is possible. Honey has a feisty streak buried deep inside her, though. She adores the prospect of adventure, and is an optimist, so she can be convinced to take risks. She loves nature, and hates when people judge without trying to fully understand an issue. She tries to be a civil rights activist and asks people to donate money to her different causes, which usually consist of her sending money and goods to other districts, although, without her knowledge, the peacekeepers generally take it before or once it gets there.

  • p a r e n t s :    Her mother's name is Jillian, and her father's name is Albaker. They are not together.
    s i b l i n g s :     Her brother, Tristan. The two are like partners in crime. They have been best friends since they were little and still are, although they see each-other less often now.
    f i n a n c e s :     Rich
    p e t s :     She has a pet river otter named Slick.

Jillian and Albaker were young and in love when they met, but were planning to break up when Jillian discovered she was pregnant. For a short while, this was enough, and the two got married, but as time went on, they grew apart. Honey and Tristan learned to deal with the constant fighting, but the feared the inevitable, which soon became reality: their parents split, and they were separated. Honey has changed a bit since the separation, becoming slightly more moody, but nothing out of the ordinary, and she misses Tristan. They do still see each-other, but not as often as either would like.

  • w e a p o n  --  o f  --  c h o i c e :    She is an archer, born and bred, but she would be okay with throwing knives.
    t a l e n t s :    Long-distance weaponry, a bit of hand-to-hand combat, drawing/sketching/painting/etc. She sings a little, but her main passion is for visual arts, not performing arts.
    p r e f e r r e d  --  a n g l e s :    Relaxed, friendly, flirty, fun, hopeful, confident
    u n d e s i r e d  --  a n g l e s :    Sexy, genius, brute
    t h e m e  --  s o n g ( s )  :     1. "Broken Horse" by the Freelance Whales:
    2. "Again" by Flyleaf:
    3. "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons:
    o t h e r  --  d e t a i l s :     Tristan is played by Rc.

Spare Gifs and Pics:

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b i r t h -- n a m e :
Anabelle Danae Crawford
n i c k n a m e :
There are tons of nicknames for Anabelle, and she's heard them all at one time or another,
but she generally just prefers Anabelle by itself.
g e n d e r :
a g e / b i r t h d a y:
17/November 8th
d i s t r i c t :

h e i g h t :
w e i g h t :
114 lbs.
h a i r -- c o l o u r :
e y e -- c o l o u r :
Deep Brown

Anabelle is pretty and delicate looking, with a slender frame and skinny body type. She stands at around 5’4” and doesn’t mind her height. Anabelle’s skin is predominantly fair, but has acquired a slight tan to it over the years, giving it a little color. Her hair is mildly long, and cuts off somewhere in between her shoulders and her waist. It’s usually a very dark brown color, nearly black, but she’s worn it a sort of slightly reddish medium brown a few times as well. Sometimes she ties it up in a ponytail or braids, but most of the time she just leaves it out, where it falls in loose waves, or sometimes near-curls. She has coffee-bean brown eyes and a lovely smile.

h a b i t s :
Biting her lip, giving away trust too easily.
f e a r s :
Swimming/Deep Water/The Ocean
f l a w :
Hydrophobia. She is secretly terrified of water and cannot swim. Seeing as she is in District 4, this is rather
inconvenient, and sometimes downright dangerous. She also trusts people too easily and isn’t very good at
defending herself, especially in physical fights, being somewhat weak compared to the many muscled swimmers
of District 4. She also could never bring herself to hurt someone, much less kill them, which would be a big
weakness in the Games.

Anabelle is a total sweetheart. She loves everyone and believes in the best of people, giving them almost endless second chances even if they betray her. She lives life with a bright outlook on everything, always smiling and humming to herself from time to time. Anabelle is not constantly happy, though. She’s a bit sensitive, and her sympathy for others in pain can make her sad. She hates seeing people mistreated, but feels bad for the person mistreating them as well. She has a bad habit of biting her lip when she’s at all nervous or just lost in thought. She’s a bit naïve, and sort of gullible, but kind enough not to care. Anabelle is also scared to death of deep water and swimming. She doesn’t like to think about her mother’s death, although she knows you’re supposed to talk about stuff like that, and she especially avoids the topic around her dad. She’s naturally friendly, but she has her secrets. (Namely, hydrophobia, her ex-boyfriend, and coming to terms with her mother’s death.)

f a m i l y :
Anabelle’s mother, Piper, is dead, and her father has since remarried. Her stepmother, Myrtle, wants her to be a
proper young lady and disapproves of her behavior. Anabelle’s relationship with her father, Dune, is strained, and
she deeply misses her mother.
f i n a n c e s :
p e t s :
Anabelle had a pet songbird named Melody and a puppy named Shay, but Myrtle made her lock Melody in a tiny
bird cage that she hated, after deciding she liked the bird’s singing and wanted it in her reach. Anabelle gave
Shay to her friend, who loves him, while she still had the chance. She lets Melody out whenever she can and
wants to set the poor bird free, but Myrtle is always watching.

When Anabelle was young, her mother would braid her hair, sing her lullabies, and teach her about being a good, kind person. Her mother was the loveliest woman you could ever hope to meet, both outside and inside. She and Anabelle’s father were very much in love. But then something changed. The family became wealthier, after Anabelle’s father got a high-paying job, and he was always stressed about money. Her mother wanted to give to charity, but he wanted to invest it and spend it on himself. They began fighting all the time, and after about a year, Anabelle’s mother threatened to take little Anabelle away for her own safety. They fought so much that night that her mother ran out of the house, her father trailing after to apologize, and her mother was hit by a passing truck. She instantly died, giving neither Anabelle nor her father a chance to say goodbye.

Instead of breaking apart, Anabelle, who was only 4 years old, decided to honor her beloved mother by doing what she would have wanted and letting her heart stay open. Anabelle has since vowed to be the best person she can be and to help others as much as she can, like her mother. However, when Anabelle was 8, her father remarried a woman named Myrtle, who married her dad for his money and social prominence. She wants Anabelle to be proper and spoiled, not associating with the ‘lower folk,’ as she calls the less fortunate. When Anabelle was 9, Myrtle took her swimming at the beach for the first time. Anabelle had previously refused to go because her mother had been planning to teach her to swim before she died, but Myrtle dragged her along anyway. She basically just threw her in the water and hoped for the best. Anabelle nearly drowned but was saved by a random passerby, to Myrtle’s chagrin. Since then, Anabelle has been terrified of swimming or deep water.

Myrtle is still extremely controlling. When Anabelle was 15, Myrtle forced her to go to a ball, where she met Keith. Keith was a total jerk, but came from a family even richer than hers, and Myrtle set them up on a date. Before Anabelle knew it, Keith decided she was his girlfriend and they were suddenly dating. She wanted to break up with him, but she felt bad. They dated for almost a year, and it was okay- he was a pretentious jerk, but Anabelle thought maybe she could learn to like him. Her father loved Keith, and she didn’t want to disappoint him, but when Keith started to get a little on the creepy side- acting like he owned her, not letting her hang out with anyone aside from him, threatening her- Anabelle knew she had to end it before it went too far. She finally dumped him, but he would not have it. Keith protested that they weren’t over until he said they were over, and continued to consider her his girlfriend until a few months ago, when he met a new girl named Summer. He pursued and dated Summer for a month, but broke up with her when he decided he wanted Anabelle back. Now she has to deal with that, and she knows it will not be pretty.

w e a p o n -- o f -- c h o i c e :
Bow and Arrow
t a l e n t s :
Anabelle is a talented healer, with much knowledge of different herbs and some medicinal tidbits passed down to
her from her mother. She is also a likable, honest person with a pleasant demeanor that makes people believe
she’s trustworthy, which she is. Finally, she’s pretty good with a bow and arrow, although not amazing.
p r e f e r r e d -- a n g l e s :
Sweet, kind, or loving
u n d e s i r e d -- a n g l e s :
Sexy, confident, bloodthirsty
t h e m e -- s o n g ( s ) :
"I Am Not a Robot" by Marina and the Diamonds (sort of)
o t h e r -- d e t a i l s :
Token is a silver locket with a picture of her mother in it. Her mother wore a similar one with a picture of
Anabelle in it, and gave her this one for her first birthday. Other than that, you'll see. :PFC is Olivia Thirlby.

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Name: Evelyn "Evie" Northwood
Age/Birthday: 19
Gender: Female
District: 5
Finances: Middle-Class, formerly both rich and poor
Weapon Of Choice: Frying Pan, although she'll use a sword if she has too.

Physical Appearance: Evie is a little tall for her age, at 5'6", with fair skin and a delicate figure. She has a skinny build from dancing and formerly having a poor family. She has silky, ink-black hair that falls to her mid-back, with side-bangs that have mostly grown out. Her hair is normally wavy-straight, but curls into loose ringlets nicely if she doesn't brush it for a few days or lets it dry on it's own after washing it. Her eyes are a bright, clear, icy shade of aqua-blue with a dark border. She is usually seen with her kitten, Turquoise, on her shoulder, and practically always wears black. She has wide eyes and very straight eyebrows. Usually, she keeps her hair out, in two fishtails, or out with a mini-braid worked in somewhere.
Personality: Evie is a very cheerful girl. She almost always has a smile on her face, and is rarely sad or upset. She loves the arts, especially dancing, and lets out her negative emotions into her dances. She's a bright, even-tempered person, who is often overly excited and hyper, and maybe a little bit crazy. She enjoys laughing and loves being around other people. She is, however, subject to mood swings- she's a naturally happy person, but is very sensitive. Evie's a sweet girl, though a bit naive. She's innocent, friendly, and definitely quirky. Sad things have happened to her, but Evie's just thankful she got through them and treats them as a message to enjoy her life while she's still alive and well.
Flaw: Evie is gullible and easily manipulated. She's also very strange, and can be annoying. Sometimes she finds it hard to take things seriously, but she has matured a bit, although it's only given her mood swings. Evie can be the most joyful person in the world one minute, and completely depressed the next, then happy again.
Talents:Evie is a talented dancer, especially in different forms of ballet. Dancing has brought her both agility and flexibility, which could help in the Games.

Family: Evie's birth mother's name is India. She has no contact with her daughter, and isn't part of the family. Evie's father's name is Fisher. He is a tall, muscular man with brown hair and blue eyes who has had a hard life but is always optimistic. Evie's first step-mom's name was Trisky Trish, as she stated over and over and over again. (e.g. "My name is Trisky Trish, and I will NOT have my step-daughter speaking back to me. The Trish women don't take no for an answer from their children. DO YOU HEAR ME? I am TRISKY TRISH!") Fisher eventually left her because she took over the house and acted like she owned everything. His new wife's name was Ruby, who was very sugary. Ruby was a tall, willowy woman, with pretty but sharp-looking facial features, curly golden-brownish-blonde hair, medium skin, and warm brown eyes. She wasn't openly mean, but she wanted to be treated like a princess, which Fisher couldn't afford. She had three daughters and two sons, who were Evie's siblings by marriage until Ruby and Fisher divorced. Evie also has a cousin named Jenna, who she is fairly close with.
Pets: She has a kitten named Turquoise, who she calls Quoisey on occasion.
Brief History: Evie's mother and father do not live together. They never have. Evie lives with her father. When Evie was little, her eyes were more of a green color (her mother had green eyes), but they gradually lost most of that quality as she aged. She has only met her mother once, and has had two step-mothers. The current step-mother came when Evie was 13, along with her many children: Kara, Dez, Missy, Fez, and Flower. Only Flower enjoys having Evie in the family, as Kara is indifferent, Dez gets annoyed by her, Missy is her arch-nemesis, and Fez only likes tricking her. Ruby told Fisher that he needed to work to get money, even though she is actually exceedingly wealthy, and she lived off his hard-earned money for a long time. Evie has gotten reaped for the Hunger Games multiple times, but someone's always volunteered. Once, however, the twin sister of her close friend Roe was the one who volunteered, which definitely put a strain on their friendship, but Rhea won the Games and returned. Sadly, Evie's best friend, who was like a sister to her, also went into the Games one year, and she did not make it out. This was really hard on Evie, but she feels like Solstice would have wanted to see her still be happy, so she tries her best to smile in memory of her life, not cry in memory of her death. Evie's stepsister, Kara, was reaped as well, and died in the bloodbath. This stressed Ruby out, and eventually, the truth about her wealth was revealed, leading to a divorce between her and Fisher. Ruby and her remaining children moved out, but since Fisher now had a job and only had to support one child, instead of 6 kids and a wife, they've risen to middle-class. Evie still babysits Flower from time to time, but doesn't miss the rest of them, except for Kara, who she feels bad for. Now that she's 19, she's wondering if she should move out, but doesn't want to leave her dad alone.

Preferred Angles : Cheerful, bubbly, innocent, crazy
Undesired Angles: Sexy, mysterious, heroic
Token: A cyan-colored silk ribbon that she used to tie around Turquoise's collar when he was little enough not to complain.
Theme Song: "Believe Me" by Ellie Goulding
Other: This is an old character, I'm just transferring her over to a new form. Razz

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This template belongs to Sor. I take no credit for it. I asked her specifically if I could use it, and she said it was okay. I have changed it a little, mostly just adding song lyrics and changing the font, but it is still hers and I give her full credit!!! Also to credit the song lyrics used in this template, the song is 'How Far We've Come' by Matchbox 20. Enjoy the charrie! Smile

Hello, Hello, Hello...

Name: Peppermint Turtle Harrington
Nickname: Pepper, Mintie, her older brother calls her Turtle sometimes
Age: 16
Gender: Female
District: 7
Weapon Of Choice: Sword

I Sat Down on the Street, Took a Look at Myself

Eye color: Blonde
Hair color: Green-Blue
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 114 lbs.
Marks/tattoos: None
Token: The necklace she wears everyday.

Pepper is naturally pretty, but is more often seen as 'adorable,' with a cute face that's usually smiling. She doesn't look fake or styled, just very warm and homey. Her skin is fair, with a sort of peachy tone to it. Her eyes are a greenish-blue color, but can look golden-hazel or grayish-blue at times. She has long, flowing blonde hair that falls to her waist in soft waves, although she straightens or curls it every now and then. She parts her her on the side, but usually just leaves it out after that, or plays with it a bit- a braid here, a messy bun there - whatever suits her fancy. Peppermint is average height for her age, about 5'4"-5'5", with a slender figure, and almost always has a smile on her face. She usually wears something simple and cute but comfortable, like black tank tops or tank tops with something over them, loose jeans or colorful skirts/shorts, and her dad's old pair of combat boots that she wears everywhere, plus whatever bright-colored accessory or nail polish fits her fancy. Peppermint wears a clockwork heart necklace that her mother gave her every day, and hardly ever takes it off.

Can You Tell Me What Was Ever Really Special About Me All This Time?

Preferred Angle: Sweetheart, friendly, charming
Undesired Angle: Ruthless, ditsy, sexy
Flaws: Peppermint is too nice for her own good. She gives away trusts too easily and could definitely be manipulated or taken advantage of pretty easily. Also, if she's not with her two best gurrrrls friends, she's a bit lost.
Talents: She has quite a lovely singing voice, powerful for her age, and plays the guitar. Pepper lives for music.
Theme Song: 1. 'Lean on Me' by Bill Withers:
2. 'Who I Am' by Jessica Andrews, covered by Danielle Bradbery:

Quirks/Habits: She's a bit giggly, and plays with her hair a lot.

Peppermint is a sweetheart. She's patient, easy-going, trustworthy, and is one of those people who can always cheer you up when you're down. She's optimistic, but knows that there is evil in the world. Peppermint is most comfortable with her two best friends, Greta and Kalina. Still, she is open to anyone and would be the last person to shoot down new offers of friendship. She's semi-popular in that she doesn't dislike anyone, so they tend to dislike her less often, not that she has a lot of power over everyone. Peppermint is kind and charismatic, with a good sense of humor, but she knows when to be serious. It's hard not to like her. She'll never let you down or betray you, and she is almost always smiling. Peppermint prefers to be around people than alone. She is understanding, bubbly, and an effervescent presence who lights up a room, but she is not naive or ditsy in any way. She's just friendly.

Let's See How Far We've Come!

Finances: Poor, but not dirt-poor, and they get by
Pets:A husky-corgi mix puppy named Cookie. Cookie is loving and hyper and follows Peppermint around everywhere. He loves to roll around in grass and has boundless energy. His happiness is contagious. If you tried to rob something he was guarding, he would love you to death. Cookie is a bit dim-witted and ditsy, but it just makes him all the more cute!

Family: Her little sister, Shay, and her older brother, Caine. Her parents, Rosanne and Beetle. Shay, at age 14, is friendly, spunky, and hangs out with Peppermint a lot, whereas Caine, at 20, is never around. He is a bit of a rebel. Rosanne is sweet but tries to be 'hip' which grants her a weird reputation in the family. Beetle is flighty and nervous, but a strong presence nevertheless. Shay and Peppermint both take after their mom in appearance, and Caine takes after Beetle.

Rosanne was a beggar when she met Beetle. Beetle was rich, and his parents wanted him to marry someone higher up on the socioeconomic ladder or District 7, but he was in love with Rosanne. One night, he took all of his savings and what he found around the house, grabbed some supplies, and eloped with Rosanne. His family kicked him out after that, but the two lived comfortably off of Beetle's money for a little while. After their first child, though, Beetle realized he and Rosanne would have to get jobs. Beetle's prior high status granted him leeway with superiors, so he got a job almost instantly, but Rosanne had to stay home and take care of the baby because nobody would give her a job. She soon had two more children, and got a part-time job herself in order to keep them all alive. Beetle eventually moved up in job ranking, and Caine got a job, so the family was fine when Rosanne quit in order to find a better job. Now all three of them have full-time jobs, and even Peppermint works part-time. They get by well enough, and Rosanne works in a clothing store and has a great relationship with her boss, so clothes are not a big problem. They get a lot of the stuff that was left after sales and months of being sold. Peppermint has two best friends who she hangs out with all day, so she doesn't always spend a lot of time at home, but she loves her family to death and would do anything for them.


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"Temper is a weapon that we hold by the blade.”
- James M. Barrie

Name: Violet Joy Fletcher
Nickname(s): Occasionally Vi, but mostly just Violet
Age: 16
Date of Birth: August 25th
Gender: Female


District: 10
Socioeconomic Status: Moderately wealthy, but would be considered poor or middle-class in richer districts
Weapon of Choice: Primarily a crossbow, but she always keeps a dagger on her.
Token: A round blue pebble with gold flecks that looks like a robin's egg but is actually made of good ol' rock.
Preferred Angles: Anything
Rejected Angles: Bubbly


  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Goldish-Hazel
  • Height: 5'2
  • Weight:102 lbs.

    Violet is a petite girl with a skinny frame who is one of the shorter girls in the district. She has fair skin, with no freckles or tattoos, but she does have a scar on her upper left arm and one on the side of her calf. Both of these come from growing up as the sort of child who liked to climb things to see what it was like so high and never figured out just how to get down, or at least without injury of some sort. She also had the occasional bruise or scratch from wandering around the farm and helping out. She has some muscle from farming, but nothing out of the ordinary, although, being pretty tiny in comparison to her family, she is stronger than she looks. Violet has wide, greenish-goldish eyes that her mother calls Tiger's Eye color, whereas she knows it is just called hazel. Her dark, silky hair is her favorite feature that she possesses. Violet's hair is medium-thick, wavy-straight depending on the way it dries, and falls to her upper-mid-back. She usually wears it out, or clips a small piece of it from the front to the back, since her hair is cut to be slightly shorter in the front. She wears casual clothing on a daily basis.

Family: Violet has a big family, who believe in old family values and force her to attend dinner with everyone every single night, which she pretends to hate, but secretly likes, although it gets annoying. Her mother, Denise, is very affectionate. She feels the need to cook ALL THE TIME and gets in a good mood when tidying up. She's a sweet woman, but fierce when she needs to be, and a very good mother. Denise wants her children to be responsible and kind-hearted, and likes everything to be neat, although she herself is always messy from cooking. Violet's father is named Shule. Shule is a nice man, like his wife, but more fun-loving and more of a jokester. He loves to have fun with his kids and tries to pass his teary eyes when he sees evidence of his children growing up off as allergies or having dust in his eye. He loves Denise and the family dearly. Violet also had 6 siblings. The oldest is Jezebel, her sister of 22 years, who had moved out for a year but came back to live with them after that. She is very sporty and a great friend, but always seems to have an overly dramatic love life. She helps out around the farm. Then comes Lockey, her oldest brother, who is 19. Lockey has a good sense of humor and likes his family more than he'd care to admit to his friends, although he thinks his mom can be embarrassing. The next sibling age is Mickey, her older brother, who is 17. He always seems to disapprove of her friends, but he's just overprotective. He loves anything athletic and has a bit of a temper. He's always getting angry when Jezebel beats him at sports. At last, Violet herself, who loves her siblings but finds her family too 'perfect,' so she's always searching for some sort of horrible dysfunction to make them normal, because she knows there must be one. Violet also has two younger twin sisters at age 9 named Brynn and Riella. Finally, there is Violet's adorable little 6-year-old brother, Domi. Of course, that's not counting Violet's aunt, Frieda, who lives with them too, and her son, Violet's cousin Sully, who is 12 and a bit of a snob.

Pets: She lives on a farm, so there are animals everywhere. She has a fat little corgi and a black mix-breed that looks sort of like (and is the same size as) a fox of her own, though. The corgi is called Munchkin, shortened to Munchie, and the mix-breed is Aaya. Aaya is female, Munchie is male.

History: Violet was born and raised as a farm girl, with a mother determined to make her into a proper farm lady. She has extensive (in some cases, far more extensive than she'd like) knowledge of and experience with animals, and knows how to do things like make milk into butter, etc. When she was 7, her aunt moved in with her little son, and after that, her parents had some more children after that. Now, they are satisfied with the hearty amount of people they have. Without so many mouths to feed, they would be a lot wealthier, but they figure there is no point to wealth if you cannot support your family, and wouldn't have such a good workforce anyway. Violet's family is wonderful, which makes her think there's something wrong with them. She has plenty of daily chores but gets them all done in the morning and then goes to school, then hangs out with other kids from her district until it's time for dinner, which is mandatory. Violet's family made their money on livestock, as they treat the animals with the topmost care and respect, which keeps the animals happy and healthy.


Violet loves to be sarcastic. She always has a comeback or a way to play along and end up on top when someone insults or argues with her, and has a fiery personality. She sometimes seems sharp or intimidating when you first meet her if she's in a bad mood, but she's actually quite friendly. Violet loves to hang around her friends and just enjoy District 10. She's confident and not afraid to get her hands dirty. Violet is determined, and hates to back down, although she will if she has to. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, and may seem tough and independent, but she loves being around people and prefers fun over conquest anyway. Her meaning of fun just ends up being a little more warlike sometimes. She always seems to get herself into trouble with people, but tries to not stress about it. She is generally carefree, and although she never stops arguing with anyone who starts something without a damn good reason, she means it good-naturedly, and is only actually mad far more rarely.

  • Animals
    Violet grew up with animals all around her, and knows how to handle them. She loves all kinds of animals, and they often like her in return.
  • Combat
    Violet loves a bit of hand-to-hand combat from time to time. She is also well-trained with a crossbow, and practices about once a week if she has time. She dislikes normal, vertical bows. She always keeps a little dagger on her just for emergencies, though.
  • Eloquent
    Although 'eloquent' might not be the right word for it, Violet never gets tongue-tied. She always has a repertoire of witty retorts ready for any possible response.

  • Grudges
    Although she pretends to be the opposite, Violet can be sensitive. She bounces back fast from insults, but if she is truly offended not by what someone said, but by the meaning behind why they said it or what it says about them, it will get to her. She is more than bothered by betrayal, and hardly ever lets go of a grudge.
  • Rude
    Violet is often unintentionally rude. She doesn't mean to be mean, but her words are sharp and she sometimes can't tell when someone's really upset and says the wrong thing at the wrong time.


Favorite Song(s): "Phoenix" and "Just One Yesterday" by Fall Out Boy
Face-Claim: Lucy Hale
Other: Replacing my previous Lucy Hale fc charrie, Rosie.

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"It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone - so far."
-Marilyn Monroe

Name: Frewin Joe Loxley
Nickname: Frey
Age: 16
Date of Birth: December 14th
Gender: Female MALE NOW, BISHES!


District: 2
Socioeconomic Status: Lower class, but not dirt poor
Weapon of Choice: Two knives joined at the base by a chain, forgot what it was called.
Token: A tiny bottle on a chain worn as a necklace that he used as Bree's first home when he found him as a baby and he could fit.
Preferred Angles: Sweet/innocent, clever, silent, flirty, fatalist, emotional
Rejected Angles: Sexy, evil genius, giggly



  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 162 lbs.

Frey is not as muscular as others in the district, but is instead built more like a runner or a gymnast- he's fit, but more lean than toned. He has blonde hair, fair skin, and bright blue eyes. Frey is a bit of a pretty boy, and is attractive, but in a male model sort of way more than a typically 'hot' guy. He is tall, and the majority of his height is made up of his legs, making them longer than average but nothing out of the ordinary. He has a soft jawline, and his hair is cropped relatively short. Frey's eyebrows are a shade or two darker than his hair, and have a more understated arch than some people. He dresses himself plainly, seeing no need to dress up, but still tries to look sort of presentable.

Family: His mother's name is Maggie. Maggie kicked their already mostly absent father out when Frey was 6, and they haven't seen him since. He also has a little sister named Quinne. Quinne is currently 11, and is a darling child. She is the sweetest girl anyone could possibly ask for.

Pets: He has a little green salamander named Bree.

History: Frey doesn't remember much of his father. He was hardly ever around even when he was with their family, and he was gone by the time Frey was 6 years old. Frey is now glad that he didn't get a chance to try to raise Quinne, whom he thinks deserves better anyway. Frey loves District 2, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.


Frey is generally independent. He has friends, but he's used to being on his own for the most part. He's nice, but not a total sweetheart, and he's not afraid to have his own opinions, although he might not always speak them aloud. He's protective of people he loves, or any child, even if he doesn't know them. Frey just loves kids overall. He usually tries to be sophisticated, respectful, and mature, but he still likes to have fun if you get him in a good mood. Frey is easily stressed out and could be called a worry-wort. He wants the best to happen, but fears the worst will instead.


  • Acting
    Frey loves to perform, although sometimes he gets mild stage fright. Acting is a passion of his.
  • Durability
    Frey has been able to withstand a lot of force without being seriously injured for as long as he can remember. He’s not invincible, he just knows how to fall and catch himself the right way, or angle his body so he can take the least damage from an attack.
  • Focus
    Frey is able to focus on one sense/sound/etc. or another, which, while it does not actually enhance whatever he's paying attention to, helps him block out everything else, making it clearer.


  • Socializing
    Frey likes people, he really does, he just doesn't really know what to do in big groups of them, an6d feels awkward, so he prefers to be on his own or with only a few friends.
  • Weak
    Frey is one of the weaker people in District 2, on a basis of pure physical strength, at least. He has very little muscle, and cannot do any heavy lifting.


Theme Song(s): None in particular.
Face-Claim: Ginny Gardner Male FC coming soon!
Other: This character, formerly Freya, has beeeen GENDERSWAPPED via mystery box. xD Whoo! That's why s/he's here even though s/he's inactive. He. He. He's a guy now. He. He is also subject to changes. Razz

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Full Name: Charlotte Abigail Anderson-Clare
Nickname: Lottie
Age/Birthday: 16
Gender: Female
District: ?
Finances: Poor
Weapon Of Choice: Switchblade

Physical Appearance:Lottie is average height, at 5'5", and weighs around 118-120 pounds. She has wavy dirty-blonde hair that cuts off a few inches past her shoulders that she usually leaves at, although she's relatively fond of fuzzy knit hats to wear over it as well. Her skin is fair, and her eyes are a pretty ocean-blue color. Lottie's most noticeable features are probably her facial structure and her eyebrows, which are a darker, more brownish color than her light hair. She has straight, slightly thick eyebrows that angle at a slant towards her nose. Lottie has a wide, almost square jawline and moderately strong cheekbones, making her somewhat recognizable if you saw her multiple times within a day.
Personality: Lottie is a bit of a social outcast. She's tough, and although doesn't see the need for friends, if she had any, she'd protect them at any cost. Lottie doesn't care about personal appearances very much and just sort of throws on whatever's in her closet. She finds pissing people off fun, as she is easily angered herself, which has made her a few enemies over the years. Lottie is not a likeable person, and she prefers it that way, being a loner. She has no interesting in flirting and makeup and giggling and seeks something more out of life. She acts like she doesn't care about anything but she does want to make a difference in the world, to help people realize that popularity and stuff doesn't change who you become in the end, even though she knows it does actually affect you. Lottie won't hesitate to stand up for herself, but she doesn't really care if people don't like her. She just wants to be left alone, or at least that's what she says.
Flaw: Lottie can be standoffish and often pushes people away. She's guarded, which makes it hard for her to trust people and for people to trust her. She can also be a bit judgmental/rude due to her cynicism.
Talents:Lottie knows the different points on a person's body where you can stab without them dying, or alternatively, how to kill them. She's also knows a lot about fire and explosives, taught to her by her older brother. Lottie is a pretty good runner as well, light and speedy while balancing enough muscle weight for power.

Family: Carly Anderson, mother, 41. Carly is a friendly but spunky woman who doesn't take crap from people, with a bit of a temper. She gave this fiery streak to her daughter, but it mixed with the calm, care-free traits of Lottie's dad: Jensen Clare, 42. Jensen is a tall, stately man, who just sort of goes with the flow of everything, but this makes him very lazy, which pissed Carly off. Jensen married a woman named Perry a few years ago, who had a son named Jasper. Jasper is around 18, and hangs out with some bad kids, but he's a good person on the inside.
Pets: She has a male Italian Greyhound (dog) named Paris.
Brief History: Lottie's parents were only married for a year before they divorced. A month after they got married, her mom had her, but they ended up fighting all the time and making eachother miserable, so they separated. Lottie went with her mother, but when he turned 4, started spending time with her father as well. She took her mother's last name, as she lives with her, but she hangs out with her dad twice a week. He has a son named Jasper with another woman named Penny now. Jasper's nice enough, and gets along well with Lottie, although he's a terrible influence and has explained some pretty dark stuff regarding death, murder, fire/explosives, etc.

Preferred Angles : Tough girl/BA, snarky, sarcastic
Undesired Angles: Sweetheart, sexy, sob story
Token: None
Theme Song: "Oh No" by Marina and the Diamonds
Other: None

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Name: Jeanette "Janie" Holmes
Age/Birthday: 16
Gender: Female
District: 6
Finances: Rich
Weapon Of Choice: Rope

Physical Appearance: Janie is slightly on the taller side, but nothing out of the ordinary, at about 5'6". She's quite slender, at only 115 pounds, with a lot of her height coming from her legs, but pretty well proportioned in total. Her hair is a light honey-brown color, falling to somewhere around her chest where it curls up a bit at the end in loose waves, although the top half is somewhat more straight. She has pale green-blue eyes with long eyelashes, prominent cheekbones, and fair skin. Janie doesn't really have a particular clothing style, but prefers anything she deems cute and comfortable.
Personality: Janie is one of those people who can make almost any situation brighter. She believes that the universe will work itself out no matter what, and is eternally an optimist. Even when someone dies, she appreciates the life they lived and truly believes that they're 'in a better place now' when she says it. She's practically fearless because of her cheery demeanor and the way that she sees the best in everyone and everything, but she's a bit of a goody-two-shoes and believes that rules are there for a reason. She's not totally either a follower or a leader, but somewhere in between. She'll go along with other people because she trusts them, but she'll be the first to cheer you up if you're down. Janie is very rarely sad. Even if she were in the Games, she would treat them as an adventure, and admire the things most people consider terrible or frightening for reasons that might not make sense to other people. She's carefree, friendly, and likeable because she'll never fail to brighten up your day any way she can. Janie is kind and considerate of others, but is easily excited and can sometimes get a bit hyper. She is never in a bad mood, and will never lose faith in you, no matter how many times you betray her, which can be both good and bad depending on the situation. Janie would fight people in the Games, but mostly just for entertainment value or because the alternative would be worse somehow, not to actually harm you. She'd be better at making allies, though, and probably wouldn't plan to win.
Flaw: Janie's main flaw is a combination of both her kindness and her optimism. Expecting the best possible result and not worrying about what bad things could happen leads to her being totally blindsided by them if they do, and she'd never be able to do something mean as a last-second response to this. She trusts people wholly and completely, and sees the best in everyone, which is nice and all, but will probably end up getting her killed. Some people also find her annoying.
Talents: Janie is good at cheering people up. She's always happy and nothing can bring her down. She's also pretty skilled with rope and is good at making knots.

Family: Janie has two fathers, one named Henry, the other Martin. They got a surrogate mother, Linda, who was a close friend of theirs, to carry Janie, and chose not to know which one of them Janie was the biological daughter of. Linda also babysat Janie when she was young.
Pets: She has two songbirds named Harmony and Melody, which is super duper original (sarcasm).
Brief History: Janie was always taught to see the best in people, and to not judge by appearances or first impressions. She took this very much to heart. Janie was named for her grandmother on her father Henry's side, Jeanette, who passed away when Henry was 9. Her surrogate/birth mother, Linda, remains a close family friend and someone Janie can confide in if need be, although since Janie trusts everyone, she usually has no trouble finding a person to talk to. Janie always wondered what happened in the Games, but was never really scared of them. She believes wholeheartedly that every cloud has a silver lining and would never dream of seeing a glass as anything but half-full, so to speak. She's had a fairly average life, one that she appreciates greatly.

Preferred Angles : Fun, bubbly, charismatic
Undesired Angles: Sexy, mysterious, confident
Token: A locket with a preserved flower pressed under a piece of glass.
Theme Song: "Put Your Records On" by Corrine Bailey
Other: This is sort of a remake, but even more, in that I'm pretty much changing the whole character. FC is Polish model Monika "Jac" Jagaciak.
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Name: Lorelai "Lori" Goldberg
Age/Birthday: 17
Gender: Female
District: 2
Finances: Filthy Rich
Weapon Of Choice: Diamond-Encrusted Knife

Physical Appearance: Lori is gorgeous, and she knows it. She's tall and skinny, but still curvy, with sunkissed light tan skin and long legs. Her tousled blonde hair cascades down her back in carefully crafted perfect waves that she will spend hours on every morning if she has to. She has crystal blue eyes bordered by long, thick black eyelashes, and slightly slanted light brown eyebrows. Lori's lips are tinted pink, and she has a complicated makeup and hair regimen that she does eery morning to make herself look flawless. Her appearance is very important to her.
Personality:Lori likes to embody the stereotype of the popular, flirty blonde queen bee bish. She's self-centered, shallow, and confident, but she's smarter than she looks. When she's not just thinking about herself, she is always calculating how to bring people down. Lori is a bit of a sadist, and likes to be in control, but she knows how to act like someone else is in charge and manipulate them from behind the scenes if need be. She's a flirt, and gets immense pleasure out of breaking hearts. Lori will act like your best friend if it suits her purposes, but do not trust her, not even for a second. She will rip out your heart and grind it into dust with her high heels the second you stop being of us to her. Lori loves herself more than anything, but the only thing that could come even close to that would be winning.
Flaw: Lori is overconfident in herself, and her cockiness often leads her to underestimate her enemies. She doesn't think there's any possible way she could lose, so she'd never work in an escape to a plan or know what to do if something didn't work out for her. She's also spoiled, so if things didn't go her way or people didn't listen to her, Lori would be totally lost.
Talents: Lori is good at using her appearance to her advantage, especially when manipulating people. She's also a good actress, and has been training with knives since she was 3.

Family: Lori's dad is one of the wealthiest people in District 2. He owns a huge weapon-making company and has bought up multiple properties around the district. His name is Robert, and he spoils his children to no end. Lori's mother is called Cascada, and she looks like a trophy wife at first, but is actually very cunning and can get her husband to do anything she wants him to. Lori also has a brother named Shaw, who, at 22, has moved out of the house, and a nameless half-sister somewhere via Robert's first love, who she's never met.
Pets: She has a fluffy white Persian cat named Missy.
Brief History: Lori has been training for the Games since she was old enough to hold a knife. Her family don't need the money, but are still bristling from when Shaw, her brother, was 18, and was reaped. They were excited, since he had planned on volunteering anyway, but another boy, from the family's rival company, volunteered. He won the Games and the Goldberg family couldn't help but feel as if their victor title had been stolen from them. Since Shaw was now too old, Lori has been waiting for her chance to upstage the rival company's daughter. Cascada and the rival company's CEO, Melinda, have been enemies all their lives, and have a long history including Cascada in a love triangle with Melinda's now husband and Robert, who she married, so there's a lot of pressure on Lori to win, but she doesn't mind. She thrives on it.

Preferred Angles : Sexy, flirty, confident, faking innocence, whatever's necessary
Undesired Angles: None
Token: A diamond bracelet she got for her 10th birthday when she won a local fighting competition.
Theme Song(s): "Primadonna Girl" and "Homewrecker" (acoustic version here) and "How To Be a Heartbreaker" by Marina and the Diamonds
Other: FC is Candice Swanepoel.
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WIP, but almost done

Name: Katie Whitfield
Age/Birthday: 15
Gender: Female
District: 9
Finances: Lower Middle Class
Weapon Of Choice: Bow and Arrow, although she prefers not to fight at all.

Physical Appearance: Katie is a small, slender, girl of 5'4" with pale skin and a delicate look to her. She has haunting gray-blue eyes that are rather wide and framed by dark eyelashes and dark brown eyebrows with a slight curve to them. Her hair is straight, a white-blonde color, and falls to just above her waist. Katie has been described as "ghostlike" and she does not disagree with this assessment. She tends to wears a lot of blues, greys, and blacks.
Personality:Katie is sweet and shy. She's understanding and empathetic of others, and she's a good listener. Katie's quiet, gentle nature makes people perceive her as innocent, although she has seen many terrible things happen to perfectly good people, so she is not "innocent" in that regard. She doesn't have many friends, but she doesn't have any enemies either. Katie prefers to keep to herself, but she's there to lend a helping hand if she's needed. People sometimes forget she exists, but she doesn't mind. She gets along well with most people, but she's not the most social and is usually on her own.
Flaw: Katie is a loner, she doesn't stand up for herself, and she wouldn't be able to kill. She's also physically weak, which would be a disadvantage in the Games.
Talents:She's has a lovely singing voice and loves to sing. She usually sings in a soft voice but she can actually belt fairly well, she just prefers a lighter sound. She also knows sign language and likes to write poetry.

Family: Her mother's name was Salama, but she died in childbirth. She was a beautiful woman with shoulder-length pale blonde hair and deep gray eyes. Her father's name is Rhett and he is an absent-minded but well-meaning man who's age shows on his face and in the graying strands of his light brown hair. He has a bit of a beard and sad green-blue eyes. Katie's older brother is 17, almost 18, and his name is Ansel. He has a short temper with people who harm his family, especially his little brother, and, like the rest of the family, is somewhat antisocial with anyone aside from his siblings. He is handsome, with brown hair and lightly tanned skin from working for extra cash. He has greenish-blue eyes like his dad. Katie's younger brother is about 11, and his name is Thatcher. He has wispy light brown hair and blue eyes. He's deaf, and extremely introverted.
Pets: She has a scraggly short-hair gray kitten named Lucidity, who(whom?) she calls Luci.
Brief History: When Katie was 4, her mother died due to birth complications while giving birth to Katie's youngest brother, who lost his most of his hearing in the process and barely survived. Her father is doing his best to keep the family afloat, but he's lost. The family is not doing so well financially, so both she and her older brother work to raise money, and her dad is a sort of handyman who goes around helping people with odd jobs and whatnot. They're floundering a bit, but they're optimistic about making it through. In addition to tutoring, cleaning the occasional house, and babysitting, Katie also sometimes sings on the street for spare change with her brother playing an old instrument they found on the road that resembles an acoustic guitar. Her younger brother is almost completely deaf and very introverted. He was frequently bullied by schoolmates, but Katie's older brother yelled at them and they stopped. However, he has become very withdrawn as a result of this. Katie is also shy, but he won't talk to anyone outside of the family, and barely talks to them as it is. Her older brother has had a difference response to their family's hardship than Katie and her younger brother, and is very protective of them. He's defensive and a bit aggressive, but only to people who are a threat to his family or loved ones. He is more sensitive than he would like to admit and sees himself as the leader of the family since their dad isn't a great one.

Preferred Angles : Sweet, innocent, gentle
Undesired Angles: Sexy, bloodthirsty
Token: A choker made of an elasticy ribbon with a little wood charm that has a picture of her mother etched on it. It was made for her mother by her grandfather.
Theme Song(s): "Smother" by Daughter, or anything by her FC, Holly Henry.
Other: FC is Holly Henry.

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Active characters have been aged, but I can't edit their forms because it glitches and erases a ton of it. Honey is now 18, has not changed physically much. Violet is now 17, she has not grown any taller, to her annoyance. Pepper is now 17, and her hair has grown half an inch.
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Name: She doesn't really know her name yet. Her birth name is probably Amie Rose, which is inscribed on her blanket, but she was called Echo by the poor family that took her in for a month. She has never known her last name.
Age/Birthday: She's about 4 months old.
Gender: Female
District: To be determined.
Finances: Nonexistent, but people usually give her food and stuff because she's a baby, so she's in good shape.
Weapon Of Choice: Cuteness. Also biting.

Physical Appearance: She is a very cute baby. She has fair skin and big, bright blue eyes which will likely change color a bit as she grows. She is about 22 inches and weighs around 12-14 lbs. She has a few little tufts of soft, downy dark blonde hair that might completely change as she grows, which can happen for babies. She is a healthy weight and has cute little chubby cheeks that make her extra adorable.
Personality:She is very sweet and lovable but difficult to understand. This is due to her not knowing how to talk yet. She makes some noises and knows maybe one or two words at most, but she's always cheerful and can brighten anyone's day with her carefree giggles. She's generally good tempered, although she does sometimes have a bit of a biting problem and throws a temper tantrum every now and then. She likes to be around people and doesn't like being alone, but she's optimistic and rarely panics.
Flaw: She will develop real flaws and lose these current ones as time goes on: she is a baby who can't walk, can't fend for herself, and can't really talk. She also is a little chompy.
Talents:She's adorable, charismatic, and extremely lovable. Again, these will change as she grows up.

Family: She had a mother and a father, but she doesn't know what happened to them. She was found by a very poor family for a little while, but they couldn't take her for long. Now she's just sort of chilling.
Pets: She likes animals but she has no pets as of now, although she'd love one.
Brief History: She doesn't have much of a history yet. She was born to unidentified parents who she seems to have misplaced. She assumes her parents abandoned her, but for all she knows, they could be panicking because they can't find her. She doesn't tend to worry about stuff like that. Her life would be a mystery except that she hasn't lived much of it yet. All she knows is that when she was two or three months old, she was taken in by a poor family for a few weeks. They had just lost a child of their own in the Games and had found her curled up in a blanket on the street. They called her Echo, because she would always try to repeat what people were saying but it would just come out in garbled baby-talk. However, they couldn't support a baby, so they left her on the mayor's doorstep, hoping she would have a better life. She rolled off the doorstep by accident and has since been a bit lost, but always chipper. People tend to give her stuff for free because she's a helpless baby, so she's doing pretty well. Occasionally people pick her up for a few minutes as a scam to pretend she's theirs so people will give them money, and then leave her there. She really doesn't care. As far as she's concerned, her life has been pretty great. Her history will be added to later. She likes to randomly show up in other situations and make things awkward.

Preferred Angles : She's too young to be in the Games right now, but if she were, her angle would be being an adorable tiny baby.
Undesired Angles: See above, and she would not want to be sexy or flirty unless there were other Capitol babies out there with sponsor money.
Token: Her light pink blanket, with the name "Amie Rose" embroidered in white cursive on the corner.
Theme Song(s): "Go To Sleep You Little Baby" from the movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou. I haven't actually seen it but we watched a clip with this song in English and I love this song a lot and it fits my random baby idea m'kay?
Other: Beware, a spontaneous baby may or may not appear in your RP's.

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Name: Geoffrey Archibald Turner
Age/Birthday:17 / October 31st
Gender: Male
District: 6
Finances: Rich due to inheritance from their parents
Weapon Of Choice: Creeping people out, chainsaws, and drowning or strangling are always preferable, but he'd be most likely to use a machete or similar type of blade in the Games.

Physical Appearance: Geoffrey stands at about 5'11" tall, and weighs around 158 lbs. He is about average weight, with a lean but fairly muscular build. He has fair skin but is a bit more tan than his sister, and light blue eyes. Geoff has semi-short dirty blonde hair that he doesn't spend much time on and keeps a little messy. His eyebrows are moderately thick and he makes silly facial expressions for fun. His clothes tend to be more on the casual side, although he could afford nice clothes if he wanted to wear them. He usually has a smile on his face and is always with his twin sister, Gemma.
Personality: Although most people would be traumatized after going through what Gemma and Geoffrey have experienced, the twins are bubbly and seemingly sweethearts. If you had no idea who their parents were, your first impression of them would be that they are perfectly innocent, playful, and adorable. They're hyper, finish each others' sentences, and are always giggling or bouncing around. Geoffrey was always a very clever boy. He and Gemma are practically geniuses, and they know exactly how to use their intellect to manipulate others into getting whatever they want. They're very synchronized and almost always know what the other is thinking, which is helpful in preparing and enacting elaborate schemes to get what they want. Geoffrey enjoys the pain of others and sees nothing wrong with murder. They do what they've always been taught, and they love it. Geoffrey hates being separated from his sister and believes that they share a soul. Geoffrey is cheerful and usually has a bright, innocent smile on his cute little face, but do not be fooled. If someone were to harm Gemma in any way, Geoffrey would turn on them instantly and lose any friendly, happy demeanor he had before, replacing it with a demonic scowl and slaughtering you in the slowest, most painful way possible. Geoffrey can be very manipulative and although his mirth is genuine, he also likes to use it to his advantage. Geoffrey and Gemma like to pretend they're sad about their parents, but the moment you get close enough, they will stab you in the back. He is very interested in human anatomy and would probably make a good surgeon or doctor if he could be trusted not to perform 'experiments' on his patients. Geoffrey takes great pleasure in lying and causing chaos, but would be completely lost without his beloved twin sister.
Flaw: Geoffrey is extremely attached to his twin sister, Gemma. The two of them feel that they share a soul, and if one of them were to die, the other would be totally lost. People also always seem to avoid them once they hear about their past, but they don't understan6 why. They just want some friends to play with. Once people discover their true identity, they either try to save them and get themselves killed, or avoid them at all costs. This can make it difficult to get allies. In addition, Geoffrey doesn't always understand human emotions, which can mess up some of his manipulating attempts.
Talents: Geoffrey acts like a child, but he and Gemma are actually very clever. Geoffrey knows where all the organs are in a human (or rabbit) body and just where you have to poke a knife to kill someone in the most painful way. He is also good at lying and stealing things, and he and Gemma believe they can talk to the lost souls of dead people.

Family: Geoffrey has a twin sister named Gemma who he is extremely close with. Their father, Darcy Turner, and their mother, Agatha Turner, were wealthy serial killers until they were executed by peacekeepers when Geoffrey and Gemma were nine years old.
Pets: They had a rabbit, who they named Mr. Darcy after their father, until they sacrificed it to the death gods. They removed the organs, kept the bones from the feet for good luck, and stuffed the skin. However, they weren't very good at taxidermy at the time, so Mr. Darcy became a terrifying mutilated creature. They treat Mr. Darcy like he's still alive, give him walks, and take him everywhere. <33
Brief History: Darcy and Agatha Turner were filthy rich socialites who threw grand parties in their Gothic Victorian style mansion. To the rest of the world, they seemed like a wonderful, totally innocent couple, madly in love. However, around the time when Darcy and Agatha got married, unsolved crimes started popping up all over the district. At first it was just a few break-in's, but then people began to go missing. Parents locked their children up at night, setting strict curfews in fear of what the peacekeepers began to suspect was an elusive serial killer. This went on for a few years, but nobody was caught. Agatha soon discovered she was pregnant with twins, and the couple rejoiced. The murders slowed for a little while, but were back again in a few years. Unknown to the peacekeepers at the time, Agatha and Darcy were on a murder spree, and as soon as their children were old enough, they took them along to each killing as training to carry on their legacy. Gemma and Geoffrey had, in their opinion, and lovely childhood. They learned a lot from their parents, both in actual lessons and by example. For their ninth birthday, Darcy gave the twins a pet rabbit, who they loved dearly and named after him. They'd heard their parents discussing things in whispered voices behind closed doors for a while, and knew that something exciting was bound to happen. Later that year, the Turners had a huge party in their ballroom, inviting everyone they knew. The peacekeepers were closing in on them, and they wanted to go out with a bang. Darcy gave the twins a bottle of poisoned wine, dressed them up in a tiny little ballgown and tuxedo, and sent them off to offer it to the guests. Unwilling to turn down their adorable smiling faces, many of the guests drank the several glasses of the wine, and when people started collapsing, everyone just assumed they were drunk. It was only when one of the bodies was discovered to be missing a pulse that the accusations began. The peacekeepers stormed in, and in the chaos, Gemma and Geoffrey escaped blame. Agatha and Darcy were publicly executed by the peacekeepers the next morning, their bodies hung next to one another in the center of the district, hands entwined together. Since nobody wanted to buy or live in the house of former serial killers where a dozen or so people had been poisoned, Gemma and Geoffrey stayed there and grew up taking care of each other. A few weeks after their parents died, they took Mr. Darcy out into the woods and sacrificed him to the death gods. They had always believed they could see lost souls, including their parents and all their parents' victims, and liked to think that Mr. Darcy's soul would keep their parents company in the afterlife. They examined the rabbit's organs before burning them, and kept the skin and the bones from its feet. They made the foot bones into pins, Geoffrey taking the ones from Mr. Darcy's left foot, and Gemma taking the bones from the right foot. They attempted to stuff Mr. Darcy's skin with fluff from their couch and sew him up again, but they weren't very good at it. Nevertheless, they loved Mr. Darcy's gruesome form and continue to take him with them everywhere and treat him like he's alive. The twins have always loved watching the Hunger Games and are excited to one day participate in them. They don't fear death, as long as they're together, because they believe in ghosts and would be reunited with their parents and the spirit of Mr. Darcy. They do everything together and take much joy in the pain of others.

Preferred Angles : Creepy, bubbly, crazy, bloodthirsty, innocent, quirky, sadistic, etc.
Undesired Angles: Probably not sexy
Token: When Geoffrey and Gemma sacrificed their pet rabbit, Mr. Darcy, to the death gods, they removed the bones from the feet and fashioned them into pins. Geoffrey has the rabbit's foot pin from the left foot.
Theme Song(s): "Misery Loves My Company" by Three Days Grace and the general atmosphere of "Such Horrible Things" by Creature Feature and "Glory and Gore" by Lorde, aside from certain lines.
Other: FC is Joe Sugg and his sister is played by Sor.

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  • Full Name: Celia Rose Holland
  • Nickname: Just Celia is fine with her, although she probably wouldn't object to a simple nickname.
  • Age/Birthday: 16 / March 16th
  • Gender: Female
  • District: 4
  • Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow

  • Socioeconomic Status: Upper Middle Class
  • Family: She has two mothers, Isla and Jezebel, an 18 year old brother named Lorcan and a 25 year old brother named Larkspur who moved out of the house four years ago and is recently married. She had another brother, Lysander, but he died when he was about 9. She is also very close with her cousin, Ava, from Isla's side. Ava is 17 and the girls frequently had play-dates as children.
  • Brief History: When Celia was 8 years old, her older brother Larkspur, who was 17 at the time, took her, Lorcan, and Lysander swimming in the ocean. She was a little uncomfortable at first but eventually started having fun until a wave swept her and Lysander out to sea. Larkspur got distracted and lost track of the two and they ended up in thirty feet of water. Lorcan realized it at the last minute and alerted Larkspur, who got her out, but Lysander didn't make it and Celia almost drowned. They sent out boats looking for him for a few days and eventually found his dead body floating up by the shore. The family mourned and Celia was scared to go to the beach for a few months after that, but gradually got over her fear and came to really enjoy swimming as long as she didn't go too deep. Soon she only started getting flashbacks and freaking out when she got to a more extensive depth, but quickly learned to swim fairly well and is working on her fear bit by bit, although she's still content with being limited to shallow water. Celia just worries that if she can't handle herself in deep water and ends up in it, she'd nearly drown again because she'd panic and forget that she can swim and forget to breathe and then she'd have to start over if she survived. She also feels some survivor's guilt towards Lysander. Lorcan is very protective over her at the beach now and doesn't think she should swim alone. She appreciates that he cares but it can be sort of annoying when he nags her every time she gets near the water or wants to go out at night to paint the sunset.

  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 112-114 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Honey Blonde
  • Eye Color: Light blue
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • General Appearance: Celia stands at about 5'5" and has a very slender body type. Her skin is fair, and never seems to get a significant tan no matter how much time she spends out in the sun on the District 4 beaches, but she sometimes wishes she could. Celia's eyes are clear blue with a hint of greenish gray and usually seem to be expressing genuine happiness. Her light honey blonde hair falls in soft waves to her chest and sometimes curls up in really high humidity or gets a bit straighter when she brushes it more. She likes to experiment a little with styles but generally keeps it to high ponytails, messy buns, or just leaving it out for day-to-day wear and doesn't like to spend too long styling it because she has other things she'd rather do.

  • "Bad" Traits: Too trusting, somewhat naive, not much self-confidence, a little sarcastic
  • "Good" Traits: Friendly, compassionate, approachable, clever
  • Overall Personality: Celia is friendly, sweet, and optimistic. She loves to hang out with her friends and have fun but she isn't a big fan of huge, compact crowds or wild parties. Celia also will get kind of tense if she doesn't have some time alone every now and then to just recharge, because although she is a social person, she is also naturally introverted, and likes to have some time to herself. Celia is clever and can be a bit sarcastic, but most of the time she's a caring person who always knows how to brighten your day. Celia is a good listener and sometimes has trouble filling conversation space. She gets along with most people but only has a handful of really close friendships. Celia enjoys exploring the beach to find sea glass or little things that were left behind or got washed up, partly because she likes to imagine the stories of where they came from and whoever had them before. She also just thinks sea glass is pretty and hangs it in her window or puts it in jars. Celia also enjoys climbing on the rocks and swimming in the shallower water. Although she's friendly and approachable, she
  • Talents: Celia is pretty good with a bow and arrow, and loves arts and crafts, especially painting and making jewelry/sculptures/decorations with sea glass. She also knows what to do if someone is drowning (CPR and the like) and how to handle basic wounds (such as those that come from scratching yourself on driftwood or rocks or jellyfish stings) until proper medical care can be given.
  • Flaws: Celia is a bright girl, but she gives away trust far too easily and thus ends up being rather gullible. She is naive and sometimes ignores the likelihood that people could be truly bad. Celia also has trouble letting go of things, such as stuff from the beach which her family dismisses as 'random crap from beach' that takes up a ton of space in her room. She is also afraid of anyone she loves getting hurt and would probably have trouble seeing the bigger picture if someone she cared about was at risk. She also has a mild fear of deep water and/or drowning. (See fears section for more detail.)
  • Fears: Celia has a relatively minor fear of deep water and drowning. She is completely fine as long as she can move all her limbs (e.g. if she were in a well or tube thing filled with water and her feet can touch the ground without her head being underwater, but gets more uncomfortable the deeper into the water she goes. She can handle up to about 12 feet deep, but will be extremely on edge at that point and will utterly panic if she goes deeper than that. She's a good enough swimmer that she could, she just has an old fear of drowning.
  • Aspirations: Celia just wants to have a happy life and for everyone she cares about hopefully avoid the Games.
  • Likes: Cats, animals in general, sea glass, sitting in the sun, reading in the shade, painting, swimming in shallow water, berries, coconut oil, soy milk, blue, sketching faces, finding things on the beach, baking, painting the sunset over the water
  • Dislikes: Deep water, mushrooms, intense dry heat, death, child murderers, drowning, the apocalypse, killing small animals, poverty, bullying, cashews, etc.
  • Hobbies/Habits: She likes to collect sea glass and climb nonthreatening rocks and trees on the beach to find a good place to read or paint. Celia will also sometimes sketch random people she sees at the beach to paint later.

  • Pets: She likes otters.
  • Token: A necklace with an anatomical human heart pendant or any of her assorted pieces of sea glass from around the years.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Preferred Angles: Hopeful, sweet, charismatic
  • Rejected Angles: Sexy, insane, sadistic
  • Theme Song(s):
  • Other: FC is Imogen Poots (her former claimer has been inactive for over two months and I had the claim before that anyway)


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PostSubject: super rough wip   Fri Feb 21, 2014 12:08 am

  • Full Name: Lacey Syenite Miller
  • Nickname: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Age/Birthday: 16 / April 22nd
  • Gender: Female
  • District: perhaps 2
  • Weapon of Choice: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

  • Socioeconomic Status: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Family: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Brief History: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam vitae augue neque. Pellentesque accumsan, velit a dapibus aliquet, quam nibh placerat nisi, imperdiet consequat turpis sapien vehicula mauris. Duis ac libero fringilla, tristique velit vitae, fringilla neque. Fusce eleifend justo sed neque dapibus, ut pharetra nulla tempor. Pellentesque sodales eu leo eu pellentesque. Suspendisse nec lectus eu turpis sodales faucibus quis vel metus. Pellentesque in urna eros. Etiam pulvinar mattis libero quis hendrerit. Nam lacinia sem eleifend, scelerisque risus a, ullamcorper enim. Nunc lobortis quam ut vestibulum dictum. Suspendisse tristique pellentesque dui, at dignissim elit feugiat nec. Suspendisse accumsan, sem et tempus iaculis, libero enim ornare velit, a faucibus enim est id elit.

  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 110 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Light-to-medium brown
  • Eye Color: Bright blue
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • General Appearance: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

  • "Bad" Traits: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • "Good" Traits: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Overall Personality: cheerful, cute, a bit quirky, friendly, peppy, bubbly
  • Talents: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Flaws: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Fears: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Aspirations: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Likes: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Dislikes: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Hobbies/Habits: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

  • Pets: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Token: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Preferred Angles: Bubbly, cheerful, quirky
  • Rejected Angles: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Theme Song(s): Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Other: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet


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PostSubject: Re: Seven Devils - Rainy Pie's Character Warehouse   Fri Feb 28, 2014 12:42 am


Full Name: Lucius Bartholomew Skovbjerg
Age: 52
Birthday: December 10th
Gender: Male
Occupation: Gamemaker

Years as Gamemaker:10 total, 4 as head GM in the past
Brief History: Lucius grew up in one of the wealthiest homes in the already wealthy family, but instead of flamboyant colors and outrageous fashions, his family had impeccable, classy taste and lived in a huge gothic-style mansion. His grandfather was one of President Snow's predecessors right hand men and his father helped with creating the Hunger Games in the first place. He has used the darker aspects of his personality and his family ties to get a job with and rise the ranks of the gamemakers. He has worked to assist the head gamemaker for a total of about 10 years overall, on and off, and has GM'd about four games over the years himself. He's been out of practice for a little while, but now he's back and better than ever. He was inspired by the past few games, but has found himself wanting something a bit bloodier and is fiendishly excited for the next games.

Pets:A crow named Tempest.

Personality:ebil, but very classy. he can make people meat taste better than anything you've ever eaten, loves to cook, and loves classical music. very good at getting into your head. has done experiments with fear.

Appearance:hannipoooo <33 looks a bit younger than his age i guess since irl he's 48 but looks older to me idk

Playby: Hannibal Mads Mikkelson

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PostSubject: Re: Seven Devils - Rainy Pie's Character Warehouse   Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:27 am

  • Full Name:Azalea Bay Mitchell
  • Nickname: She's been called variants of Azalea such as Zae, Azzy, occasionally Lea, Zaley, etc. However, she prefers just Azalea or Sable, which is the nickname she acquired on the streets of District 1.
  • Age/Birthday: 15 / November 21st
  • Gender: Female
  • District: 1
  • Weapon of Choice: Throwing Knives

  • Socioeconomic Status: She lives on the streets, but with plenty of rich people to steal from, she's doing fine.
  • Family: Her real family are her friends Gabriel and Annabelle, but her mother's name was Terpsichore and her father's name was Harry. She also had an older brother named Pace, who is probably around 18 or 19 now. Her mother was pregnant with a third child, Cherry, when she died, and Azalea has had at least 16 foster families over the years.
  • Brief History: Azalea's parents were taken from her at a young age when their house burned down in a cooking fire and she and her brother Pace were the only ones who made it out. She was sent to an orphanage when they died and separated from her brother, but was cute and tiny and was soon being shipped around from foster home to foster home. Her first foster family was fine, but quickly realized she was not the darling child they thought she was when she wouldn't laugh or smile or call them mom and dad, and she was switched to another. By the time she was 10, Azalea had lived with 16 foster families, each one worse than the last. Most notably, there were the Joneses, who tried to make her into their little princess when she was 4, and Johnny Carson, who only wanted to foster a kid because he got paid for it and left her locked in the basement all day when she was 6, and the Yukov family, who tested makeup and hair products on her that they were convinced would make them as rich as the rest of District 1 when she was 8, and finally the Petersons, who tried to use her to replace their dead daughter and made her wear all of the dead girl's old clothes, go by her name, eat her favorite foods, etc. until she ran away. From there she grew up on the streets, becoming a fairly proficient thief by the time she was 12. As she realized how rich and glamorous most of the citizens of District 1 were, she was surprised at how many terrible families she had managed to end up with when there were so many better options. Partially for a sort of unjustified revenge on them for not taking her in but mostly because she had to, she began to try out more elaborate schemes to take advantage of their wealth: breaking into houses, impersonating people at parties, and more long-term plans instead of simply pick-pocketing. When she was 13, she met a boy and fellow young criminal who went by Key, although she knew it was not his real name. Azalea herself went by Sable on the streets, so she didn't expect anything more. Key helped her perform a big raid on on of her old foster families, but when they tried a similar thing at a house she didn't know as well and it all went haywire, he abandoned her and left her for dead. Azalea was almost captured by Peacekeepers, but since she was young and played innocent, they didn't see her as much of a threat and she escaped. She'd always had problems trusting people, and this did not help at all, which was why when she eventually met up with Gabriel and Annabelle it took her a long time to fully trust them. She has since found a new family in them, but still keeps some things to herself. They live on the streets together but are well off with so many wealthy people to steal from. She is glad to have the help, but recently found herself wondering if she's turned her back on her independent nature. Because of this, she didn't turn Key down when he reappeared asking for her help on a big project involving arson, theft, and possibly murder, although she wouldn't be the one doing the killing. She is currently working on that, gathering information for him and generally using her sneakiness to her advantage, stealing little trinkets for herself along the way. Azalea, being a private person, doesn't know how to tell Gabe and Annabelle about this even though she knows she should. She has been going off at random times of the night to help Key and knows they probably notice, but doubts they will think anything of it and expects them to dismiss it as 'just Azalea being Azalea'. Azalea doesn't like telling other people about her past in detail and gets uncomfortable and defensive when it is brought up. She simply prefers to keep her history a mystery. *BABAM RHYME WHOOO*

  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 114 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Dark
  • Eye Color: Light Blue-Green
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • General Appearance: Azalea is about 5"5' and has a slim but healthy build. (There is the odd night when food seems to be unavailable for stealing, but most of the time she eats fairly well because of District 1's overall wealth.) She looks older than she is, which she can use to her advantage, but still retains some youthfulness which she can alternatively use to her advantage to get people to underestimate her depending on whether they think she looks especially young or old. Azalea has smooth, fair skin and dark, silky, mostly straight hair that falls a few inches past her chest in long layers. Her eyes are a clear, light greenish-blue color and she generally wears clothing in dark colors that she can easily move in and will go unnoticed.

  • "Bad" Traits: Socially awkward, violent, bad temper, aggressive, intimidating
  • "Good" Traits: Clever, kind of adorable in a terrifying way, independent, confident, stealthy
  • Overall Personality: Azalea is not good with people. She'd rather stab someone than talk to them and doesn't always understand why you shouldn't generally do that. She is rather antisocial with people she doesn't feel comfortable around, but once you get to know her, you start to notice a sort of adorable quality in her. She doesn't think the same way as other people, probably because of abnormal childhood experience and not learning the basic morals and lessons about socialization and people that most do. Most of the time she's stonefaced and mature, but every now and then, especially if she hasn't slept very well or something, she gets giddy, excitable, giggly, and easily amused. This is fairly rare, however, for most of the time she's seems to be lacking a lot of emotion. Azalea is not friendly and is extremely un-trusting of new people. She's extremely street-smart, literally, and somewhat book-smart, but not people-smart in the slightest. She does occasionally form close relationships with people who become like family to her, which is what occurred in the case of Gabe and Annabelle, who she has grown attached to. They're probably the only people she cares about aside from herself. Azalea is independent and was used to being on her own before meeting Gabe and Annabelle, so she sometimes goes off and does illegal things in secret past stealing, although she'd tell them if they really wanted to know. (see history for more)
  • Talents: She's skilled with knives, flexible, and good at pickpocketing/stealing things without other people noticing.
  • Flaws: Azalea has extreme difficulty socializing, which would seriously impede making allies in the games. She is also trigger-happy (or rather, knife-happy), and is overly confident in her own abilities. Her pride is generally a problem because she bites off more than she can chew due to her somewhat competitive nature and faith in herself.
  • Fears: Getting caught and sent back to her foster family,
  • Aspirations: She just wants to get by.
  • Likes: Stealing, knives, dark colors, moveable clothes
  • Dislikes: Most people, getting caught, when someone steals something she was planning to steal before she gets there, getting dressed up
  • Hobbies/Habits: She has kleptomaniac tendencies and pickpockets even when she isn't planning to. She has a bit of an addiction to danger as well and loves climbing things.

  • Pets: She's befriended the occasional alley cat but doesn't have an actual pet.
  • Token: A golden ring that was one of the first expensive items she stole. If used to have a blue gem on it, but she sold that on the streets and kept the band for sentimental purposes and because it wasn't worth much.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Preferred Angles: Silent, mysterious, creepy, smart, sneaky
  • Rejected Angles: Flirty, sexy, funny
  • Theme Song(s): "Scotland" by The Lumineers
  • Other: FC is Jemima West. Gabe and Annabelle are played by Lup and Sor, respectively.


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PostSubject: Re: Seven Devils - Rainy Pie's Character Warehouse   Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:46 am

  • Full Name: BOOP
  • Nickname: blap
  • Age/Birthday: 17 / August 3rd
  • Gender: Male
  • District: I wanna do 10 but like I already have a girl in 10 and 2 pending... we'll see
  • Weapon of Choice: Sword

  • Socioeconomic Status: Filthy Rich
  • Family: marp
  • History: rich as fluck lives in a huge estate that is basically a castle where his horse can roam around on the grounds.

  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Light/Medium Brown
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • General Appearance: strong jaw and eyebrows, long eyelashes, tall, well-built and muscular, sleek, light to medium straightish brown hair swept back a style that looks natural but that he actually took a super long time on to perfect every little hair, hazel eyes that can look gray-blue or goldeny-greeny-hazelly-brownish depending on the light

  • "Bad" Traits: Self-obsessed, cocky, arrogant, shallow, petty, conceited
  • "Good" Traits: Confident, suave, good self esteem
  • Overall Personality: He is an arrogant, self-confident, conceited jerk who loves nothing more than himself. He is constantly talking about himself and looking in the mirror, and only really stops thinking about himself to work out or flirt with girls. He has actually fallen off of his horse one time because he got distracted by his face when he brought a mirror with him. He is used to a lavish lifestyle and is very sheltered. He is a huge flirt because he sees successful flirting as confirmation as his own physical attractiveness, which is the only thing he really things matters. He's not the smartest guy, but he knows how to talk to girls (or guys, if need be, to help out a bud, although he's way more interested in helping himself) and a lot about hair care.
  • Talents: He is pretty physically attractive, he's good with a sword, and he's good at riding horses. He's also fairly strong.
  • Flaws: He is completely obsessed with himself and sees himself as flawless. He is shallow, conceited, and assumes he is perfect in every way. He doesn't think he has flaws or weaknesses, and is extremely overconfident and cocky.
  • Fears: Having a bad hair day or getting acne would be a nightmare for him. He's also afraid of being rejected or forgotten.
  • Aspirations: He wants to be unanimously regarded as the most physically attractive guy in Panem, or at least District 10.
  • Likes: Himself, mirrors, looking good, girls, compliments, winning, being in charge
  • Dislikes: His very rare bad hair days, losing, people undeniably more attractive than him (although he'd deny it to the end)
  • Hobbies/Habits: He can often be found looking at himself in the mirror. Sometimes he'll switch it up and do his hair in the mirror or change clothes in the mirror, but he's generally in front of the mirror. If he's not in front of the mirror, he's probably riding his horse or working out, but he's probably in front of the mirror.

  • Pets: He has a horse names Charlemagne who is some fancy breed that comes in brown and is really expensive.
  • Token: A gold pocket-watch with a reflective surface he can use as a crude mirror.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual, although he flirts with everyone and his one true love is really himself
  • Preferred Angles: Conceited, sexy, confident, suave
  • Rejected Angles: Weakling, bloodthirsty
  • Theme Song(s): Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • Other: FC is Douglas Booth and I really need to finish these WIP's like damn but I thought I could get this done pretty quickly.


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Seven Devils - Rainy Pie's Character Warehouse
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