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The Hunger Games

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 Simple medicines and useful knowledge

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PostSubject: Simple medicines and useful knowledge   Wed Jan 15, 2014 4:46 pm

-In the arena, you might not all have the aid of your sponsors... The guide started saying. In each case of environemental circumastances within the arena, you will be taught what you can use to make basic ointments.

Samantha walked by, and thought it would be useful. She didn't want to let herself die by being poisoned. So she followed the small group of tributes, and the instrunctor in the station, and learnt some basic useful plants, how to boil them, cut certain spots on their branches to collect the chemical substances they had, helping with healing her wounds.

Her first ointment looked like this:

When she got bored, she left quickly, rushing to another station. She had to admit a part of it was fun... The thing they were actually prepared to go out there -or in there, the arena- and kill each other was the bad part...
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Simple medicines and useful knowledge
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