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 Private Session Scores [35th Games]

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PostSubject: Private Session Scores [35th Games]   Fri Jan 17, 2014 9:56 pm

Private Session Scores

The last night before the games and before the interviews each tribute sits down to watch the announcement of their scores for all of Panem to see. This score is an overall evaluation of them in training and mainly the skills they showed during their private session. As each tribute is announced, a head shot of them shows on the screen and a number circles around them to signify their abilities as tributes. They are as follows...

From District 1...
Jaden Hansen.... a score of 2!

From District 2...
Mars Littner....a score of 5!
Viridiana Sovari....a score of 7!

From District 4...
Robert Lenford....a score of 7!
Deluna Parkinson....a score of 6!

From District 6...
Geoffrey Turner....a score of 8!
Gemma Turner....a score of 8!

From District 7...
Jasper Kelt....a score of 1!
Samantha Woods....a score of 6!

From District 9...
Marty Facti....a score of 2!

From District 10...
Derald Hafer....a score of 9!
Catelyn Dulton....a score of 3!

From District 11...
Joey Robinsong....a score of 6!
Luna Moon....a score of 2!

From District 12...
Alexavier Fuchs....a score of 8!
Madelyn Fosters....a score of 4!

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Private Session Scores [35th Games]
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